• It was the last day until winter vacation. A full month scince the nurse's office thing. I was on the swing set of an empty park that was inside a park. There was snow all over. I had on the uniform with black and white stripped knee high stockings, brown shoes, and a coat that didn't reach past my waist. I had on gloves and a white and black scarf. "Mai!" I looked up to see Komuro coming toward me. "Komuro!" I said, surprised. You could see his breath in the cold air. I stood up.He smiled, almost slyly, took my hand, sat on the swing, and pulled me into his lap. He looked at me, "Hey, have you been avoiding me?" he asked. 'Yes' was the truth. I didn't want to face him until I had an answer. "No. Of course not!" I said. "I can tell you're lying." he sighed. "Kiss me." I said. "W-why?" he asked, blushing. "I think that if I kiss you, I will know how I feel about you." I said, although I was blushing. He nodded and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met. His lips were warm and sweet. I was in a fuzzy warm pink haze, as if the outside world didn't exist anymore. Rapid sparks seem to sail from both our bodie's to the other's. I had never felt this before. I was only aware of one thing, Komuro. But, eventually, he did seperate our lips. "What did you think?" he asked, an amazed look in his eyes. I nodded "I'm not sure of what most of that was. But, I know one thing, I love you, Komuro." I said. He grinned "I love you too. For such a long time." he said. I buried my face in his neck as he buried his in my hair. "You wanna come over to my house, for the night? Ichika really misses you." he said. I nodded. He wrapped his hand around my shoulders, the other one around my legs, and lifted me up. "I can walk, you know." I said, my face now buried in his shirt. "I know." he said. I smiled. "Hey, Mai?" he asked. "Yes?" I asked. "So, are we, you know. Together now?" he asked. I nodded "Yeah. I'd bet on it." I said.

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