• This is chapter 2, guys. Please read the first one... first. Duh? jk =) Thanks!

    I felt a lot of pain when I woke up. I was awkwardly half-sitting half-laying down on a bed. The bed. In the room where the creeper who knew my name raped me. I tried to open my eyes a little, and it hurt a lot. I tried to move and everything exploded in pain. I remembered what happened. Everything from him raping me, to being beaten afterwards. And then… yes, the crowbar to my head. I thought about how it kind of symbolized the damage he did to the temple of my body.

    He stole the only gift I could ever give to my future husband. I didn’t even know who he was. Either one of them, that is. The man was a complete stranger to me, yet he knew my name. And my future husband… I might have just had him completely stolen away from me. Who would want to marry a rape victim?

    I opened my eyes, despite the pain and I saw that the creeper must have tried to dress me himself. The thought had me nauseous. He had put on my underwear and my shirts for me. He absolutely sickened me, even though I knew I was a little thankful. I didn’t want to ever move again, especially to pull on clothes.

    I slowly sat up and got off of the bed. I felt really dizzy but I continued to walk to the door. I was about to fall down when I grabbed the handle. Surprisingly, he had unlocked it. I twisted the doorknob, but then I paused, a little scared about what might be on the other side. Was he there, waiting to torture me some more? Were the rest of my clothes still there? Or more importantly, my cell phone?

    I creaked open the door to find the empty room I knew before, with the exception of the basket which still held my pants and cell phone. I slowly tried to pull on my skinny jeans and groaned. I had bruises all over the place, and my body was sore in general. I managed to get them on and zip them up. I leaned against the wall for support and found a few bruises on my side. “Ow, ouch!” I whispered as I attempted to prop myself up with my elbow. I discovered a worse bruise there. “Ow, damn!”

    I gave up on the wall and tried to stand by myself while I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I looked in my messages and was relieved that I remembered to delete my conversation with Tommy on the way here. It’d be horrible if the man found out I’d asked for her help. I was looking at my phone when I got a text that said the time was 10:10 pm. I wished that I would get home safely. Then I realized how long I’d been there. Almost five hours. I opened the text from Karen, Tommy’s mom.

    Oh darling are u okay?! We’ve been waiting outside ur house for hours. We’re so worried about u sweetheart, I just hope ur alright and that maybe u get this message. Don’t give up hon! The police r helping but we don’t know much about anything…

    I smiled. They hadn’t given up on me. But the police… if they find out who the guy is, he’ll kill me for sure. I looked up the stairs and saw that the door was open at the top. I slowly took a step up. My body ached and protested, but I took another step. I started to get dizzy so I hurried and took a few more steps. I was halfway up when I became so dizzy that I toppled backwards and crashed down the stairs.

    “Owww….” I moaned. I was lying in a tangled heap at the base of the stairs. I was pretty sure I managed to re-bruise every one of my bruises. I was also sure that the noise would soon send the creeper my way. I tried to sit up and barely managed. My temple was throbbing. After a minute, I heard footsteps above me. He was coming. The man who had brought me here for his enjoyment and my torture.

    He appeared at the top of the stairs and grinned at the sight of me. “Hey sugar. Ready to go home again? I hope you know your town well, ‘cause there aint no way I’m going near your house. But I’ll be nice and get you half way there.” I suppose that was pretty nice of him, presuming I had no idea where we currently were.

    He came down the stairs and grabbed me roughly by the arms. I grimaced to hide the pain it caused as he stood me up and dragged me to the top of the stairs. He threw me over his shoulder and made sure to smack me against the doorframe on his way outside. All I wanted was to get down. I didn’t care how badly it hurt to walk or move in general, I did not want to be carried by that rapist.

    But there wasn’t much I could do. He kept me up there until he slid open the van door and tossed me inside. I fell against a seat so an arm rest dug into my ribs. When he shut the door again, I groaned in pain and sighed. I halfheartedly pulled myself the rest of the way into the seat and texted Tommy’s mom.

    hey mama k. don’t worry… ill be alright. i think the creepers gonna drive me half way back home & drop me off so ill call you guys when i no where i am. btw…. he raped me

    I sighed and sent the message.