• Black magic is not evil. It offensive magic, attack magic. It's as old as time itself- I read, than stopped as a someone knocked on my door. I hopped off my bed and down a flight of stairs. It had been a week scince I moved in, and there had never been a knock on my door. The kitchen and dining room were on the first floor, my bedroom was on the second floor, third floor was my gun and swords floor. I looked through the eye hole, and saw Ark. I unlocked the door, and opened it up. "Hi Ark, do you something you need?" I asked. "Oh, um, well, I just came to visit. I just thought you might be lonely, from, you know being alone all the time." he said, kind of quickly. "You need a place to hide from your dad?" I asked him skeptically. "Yes, and no. I really do want to hang out with you!" I felt my face grow warm. "Ark?! Where are you?!" said a stern voice, coming this way. I grabbed him by the shirt "Get in!" and I locked the door shut. Me and Ark pressed our ears against the door. It was so quiet, you could only hear your heart beat and the deep footsteps that continued down the hall and passed my door. Me and Ark sighed at the same time. "Your wearing your pajamas, at 3:00 in the afternoon." Ark said, like he was just noticing it. I looked down at my black with fire and skull pattern pajamas, and nodded "I don't find a reason to wear outside clothes when your not going outside." I said. "Oh, well, I geuss that makes sense." he said. And than, awkward silence. "Uh" Ark said breaking the silence. "So, I see this is the kitchen and dining room, but, where do you sleep?" he asked. "Up on the second floor, c'mon, I'll show you." I said. He grabbed my hand, and followed behind me as I climbed the stairs. All the while, my heart was beating so loud and fast in my ears, I was afraid he would hear it. "Here, this is my room." I said. It was mostly black with lots of books on shelves, clothes in open closests, black and white lit candles in the dark floor. The door to the batheroom to the right of the floor, opposite the bed. "It's huge!" he said. "Well, it's only me so I get to use up all the space here as my own." I said. "So, where do you keep, you know...?" he asked. "Upstairs." I said. He saw the flat screen, the high-tech computer, and the game systems, and nearly fainted. "Oi! What's wrong with you?" I asked trying to hold him up. He spoke adoring gibberish, than really fainted. "Idiot." I thought, and placed him on my bed. "ARK?!" I heard an angry voice say outside my aparment. I rolled the black blankets over him "Poor guy." I thought, refering to his dad's yelling. I sat by him, and whatched for a second. "Jinx..." he said and smiled. "Idiot." I said. I wiped some of his bangs out of his forehead, and was surprised by the heat eminating off of it. "Ark, are you?" I thought. I felt his forehead with my hand, hot, felt the side of his neck, hot, just in case, put my forehead to his, still hot. "You're sick" I said, sighing. I unrolled the blanket a bit, took off his shirt, and tried to cool him off with cold watered coths to his forehead. "Is there any healing magic I could use?" I thought, looking through my white magic books. I did this until I went unconciouse with lack of sleep in the morning.

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