• " So, your real name is Jinx?" Ark asked. We were back on the usal roof and I was telling Ark everything to keep him up to date. I sighed and nodded. "Wow. Russell, isn't that a british last name?" he asked. I raised my eyebrow at him "Where do you think I get the accent?" I said. "Point taken" he said. He was wearing a pair of blue pants and an orange sweatshirt, a pair of orange and white sneakers with a shark tooth necklace. I was wearing a black skirt with a black tube top that had long sleeves that started from the elbow and down to about half of my hand, I had on a black ribbon for a choker, a pair of black boots that went up to my knee, and my hair was completly out. I had two guns hidden in my boots and two knives hidden under my skirt. "So, you never told me, what's your mission?" he asked. "There are a lot of unknowns at your school. My mission is to pose as a high school unknown girl and sort out the unknowns from the humans. If the unknown in your school resist or go bad, to kill them." I told him. He shivered at the word kill. I grew a bit annoyed. "If you don't want me to talk about killing just tell me." I said, sighing. "That's not it! I mean...it's just that!" he was leaning over me, I guess trying to apologize, but it caught me as kinda creepy, and animeish. "It's all right. I didn't mean it as me being upset or anything." I said, adapting. He sighed relieved. Vanessa suddenly thre open the door. "Eh? Ark, are you trying to...?" she asked skeptically. "What are you talking about?!" He yelled face red. "Well, her skirt's up." she said. Ark turned suprised, looked and generated a nosebleed. "Idiot" I said pushing him over to sit up and fix my skirt. "Man, you two are boring." she said. "But, it's nice to see you again, Canaan!" she said. "Nice to see you again too Vanessa." I said. "Oh, and my real name is Jinx." I told her. "Well, that does fit better than Canaan." she said. "Anyway, dad says dinner's ready." she told Ark. "Okay" Ark said, wiping away the blood. "Well, I, um, gotta go." he said turning around, but still glancing behind him at me once or twice. I waved, opened the portal and left, glad to be away from the urge to bite Ark's neck.

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