• Was everything you ever know as fantasy real,was anything normal? Was the monsters under your bed or hinding in your closet really there,or your hairy nextdoor neighbor a wearwolf.They say when you find one thing true it opens the door to many others,was this it.Have I opened the door to the night world.My best friend who I've known for years been apart of it for the last year and half ,Jason.He was missing for about six mouths until he came home.He said he had to find some things out,but he wasnt be himself for the past year.He doesnt go to school , he parties all night ,and a girl on each arm.That wasnt my Jason ,My Jason loved Mary Brown , he went to school and only partied on the weekends. Somedays I get the old him back,but then he's gone.I found out his secret Maria's sixteenth birthday party last night when he attacked me,that was to most terrifying thing that had happened to me.Maria held her party at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort for the weekend her dad owned the
    place and 1,000 people where there no one would know if two people where missing.Jason asked me to help him,he thought that his date stole his dads 500 dollar rolax.So we walked to his room,and we talked ..We final got to his room 1254L ,he opened th door.The rooms at the resort had private balcony hot tubs, mini refrigerators, coffee makers, spa robes and the bed had every ich of it red silk.'So where did you have your dads watch last?"I asked as i looked around the room"On the bed ,I'll look on the nightstand."He said in a soft voice.He looked like his old self his hair a jet balck and messy ,he wasnt wearing his red contacts so his amazing blue grey eyes shined, he laughted,and he even did his dorky smile that always mad me laught,but he was so pale and cold .I walked towards the bed and started to look around the red silk sheets moving the gold pellowsaround.I turned to to him
    "Its not here Jason."He smilied and looked at me"I know."he jumped on me and pined me to the bed.I tried to escape but he was to strong.I screamed but the music from the party was to loud "Jason whats wrong with you get off me now " I demanded him.He leaned in and pressed his lips against my neck"I'm sorry my sweet Emily ,Mmm… my favorite flavors warm human blood" I screamed again hope someone would come to save me.There was no use fighting no one was coming."I just love your silky smooth skin and his hand went up me shirt.Hes eyes ment mine,they went to his blue grey to a ruby red he opened his month were his peril white fangs grew . My eyes wilded with shock and I started to scream more he moved in to my ear and whipered "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.It only hurts a little bit"He brushed his lips across my neck as if about to kiss me. Instead he bit into my neck with his pointe teeth. It felt as if i were shaking.,as if my body were uncontrollable. He shook also, with the great theory of trying to stop. The pain hit me..i was loosing to much blood. I felt myself
    grow weaker and weaker until i felt him lift up his head and then say im so sorry Emily.
    tears fell from his eyes and hit my check.Then ever thing went black.

    My best friend a vampire ,why him, what did he do to have this happen to him and he almost
    killed me.He stopped that tells me something the old Jason is till there somewhere I just
    have to get him out.I opened my eyes to see i was in my room,room 1028J.I was still so weak,but i manged to get myself up and walk to the bathroom.i slowly looked in the mirror..My skin was a little pale form loosing so much blood.
    and i had a few cuts from last night.I moved my silky ruby red hair from my neck where Jason bite me it was throbbing red ,but numb.I walked out the bathroom and went to the bed and layed down .tears ran down my rosey checks.I couldnt stop cring.I couldnt understand anything that just happened.The door open to jason's face.I was frozen.Fear ran down my body.He face filled with gilt."Im so sorry Emily ,I didnt mean to- " he stoped and walkes towards me.He sat right next to me and grabbed my hand."I dont know what came over me I havent eaten in about 3 weeks and you smelled soo sweet."hes eyes targeted my neck "Is that what I'm to you Jason food,im your best friend ,well i was "His eyes ment mine
    "No Emily your not food "

    "Then why did you bit me "

    "That wasnt me,that was the monster inside me I try to control it but it consumes me some
    times.Im sorry ." More tears run down my check

    "How many have you killed? "

    He looked away"More then 100."

    "Are you going to kill me ? "

    He looked me in the eyes"I dont know "