• Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap

    I bit my lower lip, staring at the time, tapping my foot and my pencil against the desk. It was a lot of noise, but it was worth it. The time said 2:55. I wanted to get out of school. I tapped my pencil and foot faster creating more noise.


    As my name was spoken, all eyes fell upon me. I didn't see it ; but I felt it. I pulled my eyes off the time and yup-- the whole class was staring at me. Mrs.Chase, The Teacher, looked at me with a annoyed face,"Charlotte, would you stop that tapping please?"

    I felt my pale cheeks grow pink from embarrassment. I heard a snotty laugh and then another voice.
    "Yeah, Charlotte! Stop the tapping!" And that was from....
    Anastasia Leann.

    She was the most prettiest and popular girl in Westmore High. She had tan skin, blue eyes, pink lips, long and beautiful blonde hair, and she had my dream guy.. Damien.

    Damien was also popular; I mean.. why wouldn't he? He wasn't hot.. he was pretty damn perfect looking. With black hair, blue eyes, pale skin.. he looked different. Like a scene kid or some s**t. I don't have anything against emos, scenes, goths, or etc., but it was different! And it was extremely weird that he was dating Anastasia. Wow. And how was he popular?!

    "I-I.." I could hear the nervousness in my words and frowned. I never wanted to talk back to Anastasia ; I knew the consequences. She would do something crazy to you. So ******** crazy that I can't even think about it.

    But I don't know what got into me, because I said, "I don't need to listen to you, Anastasia." And then my dark brown eyes widened at what just happened. She gasped, so did the class. The teacher rolled her eyes. I bet she hated this damn drama.

    I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die! Ahhh!I thought this, my heart pounding. Then finally, the bell rang, and I jumped up. I grabbed my books, shoved them in my bookbag, and ran out the door. As I ran in the halls, I tripped. I tripped into somebodys arms, and then I noticed I was on top of somebody. I blinked and felt dizzy.


    My heart skipped a beat. I could feel and I saw the stares me and him were getting. I could feel his heart beat quicken under me. Was he nervous or something?

    I was pulled off by a strong hand.

    I turned and my mouth hung open. I closed it quickly. Who know Anastasia was that strong?

    "Get your filthy hands off my boyfriend!" She yelled at me. A crowd gathered around us. Me, Damien, and Anastasia's a** kissing wannabe friends ; Katelyn Marie and Marilyn Kate. Stupid names! They were basically the same.

    "N-" I didn't want to say no. So I just said, 'N.'

    "No?" Anastasia read my mind.

    I frowned. She picked me up [ I was sitting on the floor next to the perfect Damien ] and she smiled at me. She finally laughed and said,"Oh look everyone! Charlotte doesn't have any friends so she fell on my boyfriend.. on purpose! Hahahaha!" Everyone laughed with Ana.

    I could feel tears in my eyes, but I stood there. I raised my head up high, full of confidence. I was gonna scream, and throw some crazy punches if she spoke about my family.

    "Hahahahaha, you're pathetic, Kid!" She pointed her finger at me and laughed harder. I wasn't a kid. I was only fifteen. And so was she. So what the hell? "Thats probably why your family died! THEY COULDN'T STAND YOUR UGLY FACE AND NOT SO GREAT PERSONALITY. Like mine! Hahahaha, Oh My God! Your mom hated you, your dad hated you, your sister and your brother hated you too! Hahahaha! And your pets too. Boohoo."She smirked evilly. I narrowed my eyes.

    "Well, I-I'm gonna speak up for myself!" I yelled at her, and then a 'ooooh' escaped everyones lips, "Anastasia! I can't stand your--"

    Damien stood and tapped my shoulder. I turned and nervously, I smiled.
    "Let me take it from here,"Damien said, with a smile to die for. He walked in front of me.

    "Listen, don't talk to Charlotte that way.." Damien said. Was he standing up for me? I blushed, and sighed dreamily. He noticed it and turned to me with a eyebrow raised. But he turned back to Anastasia," Why do you talk to people that way!? Huh? Why do you even talk to me like that? I deserve respect and so do the people in this freakin' school, Anastasia. I can't stand it. It's over! Yeah, I said it! You're beautiful, yes, and popular -- but damn! You have a ugly personality. It's insane, babe, you know that right? Oh wait, I shouldn't even say babe! I should say... just.. Anastasia. Bye."


    Damien smirked," Ex-Girlfriend. "

    I gasped as he walked away.