• Alice In Chains

    Information: This story contains some old English. See description translations, and information on this story. I recommend that you be at least 18 to read the full story, because there will be violence, bad language, and probably some graphic scenes. PLEASE READ THE DISCRIPTION OF THIS before you continue reading.

    Part 1

    tab Alice belonged to a wealthy family. She had everything she wanted, and then some. She lived with her mother, father, and younger brother, Elliot, who she loves very much.

    tab Life is good, she thinks, as she looks into her bedroom mirror. I don't think it could get any better. I mean, look at me. I'm young, I'm beautiful, and rich! Alice picks up the purple brush that was lying on her dresser and starts brushing her long, blond, curly hair, looking into her own jade eyes and smiling. She's only 7 years-of-age, but the people around here treat her like an adult. There is no limits to what she could do. She never has to work, they have maids and servants to do that for them. Life is good, she thought.
    tab Alice put the brush down, and walked out into the hall, closing her bedroom door with a slight click. Venturing down the stairs, and out into the manor's main room, where she spots a maid sweeping. "Pardon me," she says, tapping the maid on her shoulder, "but do you know where my father might be?"
    tab "Aye," she says, "your mother and father are out in the garden, drinking tea with company this morning. It's best to leave them be."
    tab "Ah, yes. The Wellingtons. Thank you, Anna. I will see to it that Elliot does not interfere, either, because I've to wake him up this morning." Alice smiles at Anna, the maid, and turns to leave.
    tab "You are a kind maiden, Miss. Alice," the maid mummers, but Alice is already too far away to hear her.
    tab "Elliot! Elliot, get up, studies will start soon, and you have to to eat breakfast! Mother will scold you if you don't have time to eat."
    tab "Nnnn.... later, Alice, I'm tired...."
    tab "You listen to me, Elliot," Alice says, walking into his bedroom and closing the door behind her, "You mustn't terry long." Alice goes to his closet and starts to look through the clothing. "You know if we're not on time for our lessons, we will be scolded. Its inevitable. So get up, or I shall get a bucket of cold water and poor it on your head!"
    tab "I have nary interest in lessons... of these kinds..."
    tab "Oh, stop it. You know... I hear the Mistress is bringing her youngest daughter today." And Elliot was stilling up in his bed.
    tab "Really? Gail?"
    tab "Mhm," nods Alice, "So if you want to see her, it be best you get dressed," she says, throwing the clothes she picked out onto his bed. "You have 5 minutes. Oh, and mum and dad are in the garden with the Wellingtons. Avoid interrupting."
    tab "Miss. Gail! What a pleasure it is to have you join us today! And Miss. Retton. Thank you, again, for helping us with our studies."
    tab "Oh, look at you, Alice. Your mind is far more grown then that of your outer features, wouldn't you say?" Miss. Retton asks, patting Alice on the head. Alice has taken the time to throw her long hair into a neat bun at the top of her head, giving her a much more sophisticated appearance. "Yes, ma'am," She replies, curtsying.
    tab "Alice," Gail snickers, whispering under her breath, "one of your stockings appears to be lower then the other." Alice looks down, noticing that shes right. Her left stocking sags. Alice blushes and bends down to fix it.
    tab "How unlady-like," Gail says. What does Elliot see in her? Thinks Alice.

    End of Part 1 ::
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