• I walked down the street and looked at the window to my house. The curtains in my window fluttered. I knew that today wasn't only going to be bad at school, but at home too.
    I opened the door and felt a rush of negative energy around me. I knew it was here, again.
    I hoped it would finally leave me after a while. But it never has. It's been with me since I was a little girl.
    The monster was hiding away, somewhere in the house.
    I threw my bag on the floor by the couch and layed down. I felt somthing touch me.
    "go away!" I yelled and smacked the air behind me. There was no-one there. Like always.
    I sat up and walked to the bathroom. My hair was a mess, and I had tired eyes. The dark circles under my eyes were back, after 3 days of no sleep.
    I heard a crash in the kitchen, and I looked and saw a shadow move across the hallway. There it was. Again.
    I saw nothing but the shape of a person. That was all he was. I have no idea who or what he is exactly, but I know he follows me. Its been that way forever. He hides in corners everywhere. He is good at hiding.
    I picked up my bag and threw it on the table in the kitchen and opened the fridge door. I felt cold air all around me.
    I heard a small noise in the background, and I turned around. There, in the window, was a person. An actual person. Now a shadow, a human. He had dark dark eyes, such a dark brown it was almost black. Dark hair, put the palest skin.. almost paler then mine. I turned away, and the next thing I knew, he was next to me. I screamed and dropped the bottle of Diet Coke I had in my hand. "Who are you!?" I grabbed a glass bottle from the fridge for a weapon, as if that would actually help me.
    "Hello... I gotta go. I'll be back later!" And he just vanished in thin air. I looked around. There was no boy, no dropped bottles, nothing.
    Was I just imagining things again? Or was it real? I can never tell anymore.
    I heard a small laugh from the corner of the room. I looked back, and then just walked out of the room.
    A small boy ran across the kitchen, smiling to himeslf. "Im back.. but where did you go? Oh well..." and he picked up a broken glass bottle and walked towards my bedroom.