• "C'mon, girl! Why don't you wanna be a vicious ghoul with me? We can be twinners!" my best friend Kari Wigwale said.

    "Wiggy, I'd much rather get this Sexy Young Adult Witch costume," I laughed. "Actually, I really don't care what I am. I just don't want to wear a creepy mask all night."

    "Think about it, Grace. We should hide our faces. If we wear masks, no one will think we are actually sixteen year-old losers who find joy in mooching candy from children-loving adults."

    "You may have a point there. But I'm not being a ghoul. I want to look cool. Hey that rhymed!" Kari looked at me like I was 8. "Um... so. Let's find some good masks! Or hey, we could be Frankenstein! On second thought, I don't even want to pretend to have a bolt sticking through my neck."

    "Hey G! Look at this!" Kari called from a couple aisles down. "Together, we could be a chinese dragon!"

    I looked at the crazy costume for two, and I started imagining what might happen if we wore it.

    Kari would be the head od the dragon, and she would ring the doorbell. Some random kid from our school would answer the door and Kari would hold out her candy bag with her dragon arms. After she gets her share, she'd say, "Hey, can I get doubles?"

    "Excuse me?" the classmate would say, and then Kari would go, "What do think the ass of this dragon is being held up by? Air? Strings? There's really a person back there. In fact, I think she sits next to you in Spanish class."

    I shook my head and said, "Wiggy I think we should each go for a one-person costume. We could dress up as a ghost or a pumpkin, or something nice like that."

    "I know! You could wear this Obama mask and I could be a purple ninja! You have to admit, it could work."

    "Yep... It sure could. I have always wanted to be president. I guess... You know what? I think I'll just be one of the Teletubbies. Po is the cutest, purple is the best color, Dipsy was ok, but Laa-Laa was always mah favorite. Yellow it is!"

    "I can't believe you," Kari said. "Oh well, I'm still a purple ninja. Complementary colors, right?"