• i am hiding like a scared little child under my covers. how i got here, i was awoken one night to a loud noise. I got up to investigate. Now, since I am very sleepy, I decided to go to the restroom before seeing what the noise was. so after I went to the restroom, I went to my parents room. When i opened the door slowly, i was a hairy beast. he was throughing my parents on the ground. I ran in to my room and hid under my covers.

    I peeked out from under my covers and saw the beast entering my room. It had my parents over its shoulders. he sat them down on the couch across from my bed. with their bodies mangled staring right at me. i looked at the beast and it was scratching somthing on the wall. once my eyes adjusted to the dark i saw the words... "I KNOW YOUR AWAKE"