• I looked in the mirror for the hundreth time. Everything had to be perfect: my black and white streaked bangs had to be placed just so over my red eyes, my pants checks near the bottom couldnt cover up my boots or else the look wouldnt tie together, the heavy cuffs on my hand iched and gave me a rash, but i had to wear them, because he likes them.
    He. Him, my human. I am a demon, with black horns and a pointy tail, I'm a demon. It's forbidden for demons and humans to mate, or as they call it "date". But... he's not like any other being I have ever met. He doesnt mind my slight (okay, well, more than slight) obsession with Sharpies or my soul dog, Likester, who seems to have a likeing to sit on my head. He see's though my red eyes straight into the part of my soul that isn't about bloodlust or wolrd domination. He talks to me like noone else is there (which noone ussally is cause in order for us to talk i have to kidnap him, he doesnt seem to mind). I'm seeing him today, at the Universe Peace Festival. It's held every year to celebrate the end of UW2 (Universe war 2) and every species is welcome... except androids, they like to come and steal children to keep their race alive, not good in my mind.

    "Miss! You get ur damned as$ down here!! we have rules for you to follow!!!" my b!tch mother called up to me. and thats really what she was: a female dog altered to talk and bear larger children. Thank our devil i didnt end up with four legs.
    i came down the stairs slowly, trying to figure out a curse to get out of this lecture that was sure to come.....