• Briefing on Laezon Matsuzaka and more.
    Very respected politician/ambassador in the post judgment era. Was the 1st politician to get behind the idea of equipping every mind with the Potential Personality Access Gate. Was met with fierce resistance when he purposed to the UN use a chip that was still in its early years of researching. When the UN was desperate for an answer with the population dwindling away, the Nuclear Holocaust reaching near apocalyptic measures. The PPAG was put into world wide use. The PPAG was first being developed as a chip to install in soldiers to heighten their learning and reflexes in the field. These super soldiers never came about and the research was put to a halt when the developers found a greater purpose for the chip. It could manipulate chemicals released in the brain which greatly suppresses intentions for man to take abrasive action. Of course not everyone was aboard. The rebellious few, which has been creatively dubbed, the “rebels”, believe that free will should not be taken away even if it is for the greater good of society.

    /End Scene

    Fades into close-up of Shibito
    Shibito's eyes slowly waking

    “Why does it always feel I'm falling?”

    /End scene

    School Bell rings

    “Shibito, just from looking at you I can tell you must have been training all break!”
    (Unknown Student A)

    “eh...thanks” (Shibito)

    “Like it matters. Shibito is a shoe in for the academy just because of Daddy's name.” (Unknown Student B)

    “Naoki you're just jealous of Shibito, you've always have been.” (Unknown Student A)

    “Shibito you don't really think you would even be in consideration for the academy if it wasn't because of Ambassador Matsuzaka?” (Naoki)

    “Well to answer that question I'd have to have a firm belief in whether it's either Nurture or Nature that truly makes us who we are. And I don't have near the intellect to support such philosophical theory” (Shibito)

    said with Shibito's chin raised confidently
    Unknown Student A giggles

    “Hahahaha!! Make your corny jokes now but you watch...I have my money on Yusuke at pre-lim's” (Naoki)

    “Going on a limb are we? In the last half century or so, there has only been one person on record that rivals his ability.” (Unknown Student A)

    Naoki spitefully snickers

    “And guess who it isn't. How do you like being a loser Shibito? Cause after preliminaries that's all you'll be.” (Naoki)

    “Geeze, give it a rest Naoki. If someone was eavesdropping they'd think you're in love with the guy.” (Shibito)

    School Bell sounds

    “Darn. Late for homeroom. See ya Hitomi. See ya Naoki”

    /Scene Ends