Serenity: -.-'' It's to early ... I really want to skip school and sleep,,,
    Haily: NO!! > biggrin You HAVE to go to school because if you dont I can't talk about heart Damion heart Emily can't stand that. Then she'll go all phyco and stuff...So you gotta go! Now common we're almost there! (Drags Serenity to Emily's house)
    (Bangs on door) ...
    Emily: (opens door) -_-' he-hello?
    Haily:YOU best not tell me your not gonna go to school your a** better be out here in two minetes!!
    Serenity: (waves to emily)
    Emily: (waves back) no I'm ready...just sleepy. I miss summer vacation already...
    Haily sad shakes head) now lets hurry so i can stare at Damion!!!!!! (Rushes to school)

    Shane: Hey Emily Haily, Hi Serenity (<3)
    Haily: Shane, shane oh my god where the heck is Damion!!!! (looks all over)
    Shane: uhmm I don't think he's here yet why?
    Emily:She's gonna FINALLY try to ask him out...
    Serenity:Yep so best of luck Haily!
    Shane:But uh Damion has a ...girlfriend... he's dating some girl named Morgan.
    Haily ! (V.V) oh...I see... (walks away somewhere)
    Emily: !! Haily! It's best to hear it from Shane then being rejected by Damion! (Chases after Haily)

    Serenity: (V.V''') poor Haily...
    Shane: Yeah...poor haily..HEY so um your looking nice today.
    Serenity: I'm dressed in some random outfit, didn't do my hair and haven't even put on any make up....I'm a mess and you used the word ''Nice'' (shakes head)
    Shane: Well uh i,,,
    Serenity: Oh my gosh! He is soooo cute! (looks at a boy passing by)
    Black hair, bad boy look, emoish hair, he is so my type.
    Shane: You mean Matt the jerk...he's is not your type.
    Serenity:Well I ment that like to me black hairs a turn on that kinda stuff ^_^
    Shane: I'll never get girls besides he's with Jessica the cheerleader and the girl who gives it up to anyone since 5th grade.
    Serenity: (giggles) yeah, easy Jess. She only did that so it would get around so she could date whom ever she chooses.

    Haily: (T.T)
    Emily: >.> we're back. So what yous talking about?
    Serenity/Shane: Jessica
    Emily: Oh the hoe
    Serenity: yep
    Shane:Oh hey it's Damion! (Waves to Damion)
    Seremity: (hits Shane, whispers are you stupid shes over here sad and you call over the reason why!!)
    Shane: He would have came over anyway!
    Damion:He--- (looks at Haily) whats wrong with her?
    Shane: Uhh (graves Damion's arm) can I talk to you it's kinda important.
    Damion: uh ok yeah I guess. (follows Shane)

    Haily: V.V atleast...atleast he noticed me...this Morgan girl... > sad what does she have that I don't?
    Emily:Mostikly popularity.
    Haily: I'm plent....ok well I'm preppy and all but getting involved with popular crowds means you don't really have true friends its all lies!!
    Serenity:Yeah there you go think positive you got true friends.
    Haily: Yeah and when she runs of with another pretty boy I'm gonna snatch Damion away! (Goes into long detail)
    Emily: (-_-'' god i hate damion and this is why) ...yea
    Serenity: (Wow she sure is determined!) ^.^
    -----Bell Rings Students Enter The Building-------
    Serenity: See you after school!
    Emily: Bye
    Haily: See ya!!

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