• Two doctor's stood in a dark room, only one light glimmering in. A large TV screen of the United States. On the map, a blinking red dot was on the spot, Washingston DC. One of the doctor's pinched his forehead and sighed. He was African-American, while the other was white. The African-American one shook his head. "Fredrick, I thought I told you to get rid of it!" he whispered angrily. "Mr. Black, I never expected this to happen. Me and Elizabeth both took care of Project ARES" Dr. Fredrick said. "Well apperently you didn't do a good job!" Mr. Black shouted. "Do you have any idea what would happen, if people found out a secret government weapon was released in America? We would be prosecuted, thrown in jail for life!" he screamed. "But si-" "No buts! Destroy Project ARES anyway possible!" he screamed. "And do it very discritely"

    Arnold woke up again by hearing shouting downstairs. He remembered the voice of his new friend Jade, but the other voice was a mystery. It was male. Arnold got out of his bed and walked out of the room. He leaned over the staircase railing, and saw two people Jade and an elder man.

    "Dad, he hit his head hard! He can't remember a thing!" she protested.
    "He can't stay here any longer"
    Arnold knew they were talking about him. It made him feel...actually he didn't feel at all. He just stared on as the two continued to argue.
    "Okay, let's just take care of him, until he regains some memory."
    "I don't know...it's VERY risky!"
    "Please Daddy!"
    "He'll sleep on the couch!"