• I glared up at the sun, trying to make sense of the sand that shifted beneath me. I must be dreaming. But the water lapping at my feet said otherwise. I blinked and looked to the left and saw nothing but sand. I looked to the right, and saw two girls, Lika and Mikayo. Startled, I sat up, how did I know their names?! I stared at them for a couple minutes. Lika's green eyes made me feel inferior, and Mikayo's eyes, bright blue, reminded me too much of my mother. I fought back a sob before trying to ask them where I was. No sound came out of my mouth.
    "What's your name, kid?" Lika's cold voice matched her tough exterior.
    I tried to talk again, but instead, I shook my head.
    "Stubborn, aren't you?" Snarled Lika.
    I shook my head until it throbbed. I grabbed my neck, trying to speak in sign language. It never was my forte.
    Mikayo came and put a hand on Lika's shoulder, "I don't think he can talk. Can you talk?"
    I knew I should've said no, but I could only stare at her. Rude, yes, but there was something on her back. Something blue and feathery.
    "Oh, I'm sorry." Mikayo apologized, folding the blue wings on her back. I didn't want to check and see if I had them. "Well, I bet you're tired after-"
    "Hey, what if he doesn't remember anything?" The thought had just occurred to me, as soon as Lika said it. Well, I couldn't see her mouth move, but I heard her voice.
    "What if he doesn't remember anything?" She repeated, this time her lips did move.
    Mikayo sighed, "You have a point... Do you remember anything?"
    I shook my head. I couldn't remember anything. Except for those weird crystal wings. Even those I wasn't sure if it was real or not. I pinched myself, trying to wake up. I stared at the sand, picking it up and letting it sift through my fingers. My memories were like that. As soon as I thought I had something, it slipped through.
    "Where am I?" My mouth stayed closed but the two girls reacted as if I had said it.
    "You're at a beach, where others like us stay." Explained Mikayo.
    I tilted my head. "I didn't just speak, I was thinking..." I frowned again when they exchanged a surprised look.
    "What's your name?" Lika pressed.
    I sighed silently, no sound escaping my lips. "Allen, don't ask me my last name, I don't remember." Like a switch, I understood it. "I'm telepathic. Wow, that's cool."
    "Let's go to the cafe, find someone to bunk with you." Mikayo smiled at me, and held her hand out. I grabbed it and pulled my self up. I grimaced when the world swayed and tilted.
    Lika's hands were on my back, "Easy there."
    I didn't look back, I was unsure of what I would see, maybe this world was all fake. Maybe this was an asylum for people who are crazy. I stared as we came towards a diner, the word 'Cafe' scrawled across it in fancy cursive. The doors were automatic, and I walked straight, or at least I thought I did. I ended up hitting the wall. After holding my head and trying to ease the uncomfortable amount of voices in my head, I stood up again and muttered a quick sorry. This time I followed behind the girls and sat next to them. I didn't need to glance around to hear that there were eleven people in the room.