by:Ali Muhammad(me)

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    Chapter One: The Story begins

    “Ahhhhhh, my life has been full of trials and tribulations”. “Would you like to hear of them” says Otora while walking. “Sure says the Citizen”. “Well, to start off, I have done many horrible things in my life. “But the worst was . . . . . was defeating my best friend”. “Wha!? BUT WHY WOULD YOU. “LISTEN that is none of your business I have my reasons”. “Hmph at least tell me your name”. “Heheheh my name huh? “MY NAME IS OTORA KITSUNE OF THE LEGENDARY KITSUNE CLAN”. “Oh my yo-you’re the Legendary Swordsman (bows head)”? “Now you know me huh”? How about, I tell you about my clan”. “Ye-yes please”. “Alright as you should know my clan protects the village from danger. We of the Kitsune clan are all great swordsman, but I am the best. “Really but how did you become the best”? “I was getting to that”. “Hehehe sorry”. “Its ok now where was I, oh yea, I became the best by saving the clan from certain doom. “Woah how did you do that”? “Well a few years back, some people in the clan started to disappear, so I came up with a plan saying that: we should hide clan members so they can’t be kidnapped. Soon the clan found out they were being kidnapped. We found one of the kidnappers and we interrogated him for several hours to find where the rest of the kidnappers were. This is the part of the story you’ve been waiting for. We found the kidnappers only to find out . . . . . . that it was my best friend. “That’s why you killed him”? “Yes, for the sake of the village and the clan”. Well, that’s how I become a legend and the best of all swordsmen, oh and by the way, here is our stop the village.

    Chapter Two: New Beginnings

    “Welcome back to The Village Otora”. “Hello Otora, I’m glad that your back home” says the citizens in the village”. “Hello everyone”. As Otora walks to his training grounds he hears someone’s voice. “E-Excuse me master Otora”. “Yes”. “I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL IF YOU WERE TO TRAIN ME IN THE WAYS OF THE SWORDSMAN”. “Hmmmmmmmm you do know that becoming a swordsman takes discipline, obedience, training and the most important is to have the will to never give up. “Yes sir I understand”. I would still like to train with you. “Hmph tell me your name”. “I am Kitsura Umino, son of the 2nd Tsuchikage. “ Ah teaching the son of the Tsuchikage would be honorable indeed, but don’t expect any special privileges from me ok”. “Yes sir”. “Alright here we go”.

    Chapter Three: Training

    “Alright now like I said a swordsman must have 4 key skills, training discipline, obedience and the guts to never give up”. Today we will be working on the guts to never give up. I want you to stand on your hands for 3 straight hours as I watch and if you give up or whine or cry I will relieve you as my student”.”300 but”. “No buts training starts now”. “Hmph ok”. As 3 hours go by, quickly Otora tells Kitsura that he is proud of him for sticking through it, and that it is time for a break. “Finally a break”. Yea, don’t get used to it you still have more training to do. ”Alright break time is over”. “Alright what must I do now”. “Well you know how I made you stand on your feet for 3 hours.”Yeah”. Well now I want you to perform 200 consistent push ups. “WAAAAAAT”. “Yup that’s why we took a break. “Alright GO”. As the day near end. “Pant Pant are we done yet”? “Yes we are, you have just passed and learned the skill to never give up”. As the day ends both go to sleep anticipating their next day of training. In the Morning.

    “Alright you ready to continue”. “Yes sir”. “Alright, today since its early we will be doing all of the other 3 skills today”. “OK”. Right now were gonna be working on obedience”. Ok first, I want you to go into town and find these things: bowl, spoon, egg, fork, pan, cereal, orange juice, table, plates. Oh and tell them Otora sent you. “Got it”. Hours later Kitsura returns. “Ok i’m back”. “Alright now set everything up like you were making breakfast. “ Ummmmm ok”.
    As Kistura sets up the table and makes breakfast he is finished. “Alright your training for obedience is done lets eat”. “Huh wai-wat, so all I did was make our breakfast. “Well technically yes but you also learned obedience through manual labor and following my directions, now here is your reward your own cooking. As Kitsura and Otora finish they’re meal and go back to training.

    ”Well now its time for your 3rd skill . . . discipline”. I want you to do 200 sit ups, push up’s, and laps around the village. This will make you very strong and it will teach you discipline. “Grrrrrr ok”. After 9 hours have gone by and Kistura finishes his laps, sit ups, and push ups. “Pant Pant Pant Pant YES IM FINALLY DONE YEEEEES”. “What do I get now sensei”. “You get your very own armor. “SWEET THANKS SENSEI”. “Now your next reward is gonna be the ultimate reward to you if you thought that was cool”.

    Alright the final skill is really easy, see watch this. 5 seconds later. “You passed”. “Wait how”. The last skill was training; you’ve been training the whole time. Now its time for your reward. Your reward for all this training is . . . THE SWORD OF DRAGONS. “WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS”. “Yes I am this used to be my old sword now I pass it on to you.

    Chapter Four: The Letter

    Kitsura has returned to the village, and Otora is still traveling until he gets a mysterious letter labeled GRAVE DANGER!!! “Ummmmm I wonder what this says. Otora reads: “Master Otora the village and Tsuchikage. “Hmm I wonder why”? Through many resources, I have a reason to believe Kitsura will use the skills you taught him to kill his father take over the village and become tsuchikage and make the village a war zone. “Gasp”. Otora hurries to the village only to find it has changed. Otora hurries to the main room to find Kitsura. “Well well well if it isn’t Otora-sensei”. “Don’t play with me Kistura where’s your father”. “Oh him he’s dead just like everyone in your clan. “WHAT”?! “I had them all killed they were interfering with my plans”. “WHA-WHAT PLANS”?

    Chapter Five: The plans

    “Yes my plan was to kill my father and become the new Tsuchikage and then teach the skills you taught me to everyone in the village so we can become stronger and take over other villages Mwuahahahaha”. “Hmph you’re an idiot Kitsura (draws sword from holster) today we fight as master swordsman. I WANT HOLD BACK KYAAAAA

    Chapter Six: The End

    As Kistura and Otora clash they finally end up stabbing/piercing each other at the same time. As they both lay on the floor bleeding Otora gets up. He walks over to Kitsura and puts his sword to his throat. “What are you gonna do huh. Kill me GO ON DO IT YOU’LL BE JUST LIKE ME A KILLER. DO IT!!! “No, no I’m not like you ill let you suffer and rot in a jail cell for the rest of your life and you’ll never hurt anyone again”. As the police come Otora decapitates both of Kitsura’s arms. Later. Otora thinking: Well, I guess it’s all over now huh”. Kitsura’s in jail the village is back to normal. It just never ends huh. Hmph well there’s nothing I can do about it Hahahahahhahaha.