• The Borderlands Saga: Entry 3
    by ~Andollen

    He slept and dreamt of the horrible events that brought him to where he was burning through his mind. The ground covered in blood and him cowering amongst the bodies of his broken friends. The eyes of their demise, his hunter and bane staring at him with a bloodlike luster that cast shadows upon any humanity the creature might have left. And the eyes of silver, unnatural eyes looking into him through the blood of the one who had hunted him. The eyes of a more deadly hunter.

    "Ho there lad, rest easy now. The creature hunts you no longer." A voice spoke from somewhere near, a soft resonant voice full of strength and compassion. "You are safe amongst friends." After a while he managed to calm his dream induced and erratic breathing and opened his eyes to the night sky and light of a nearby campfire. "Who are you?" He asked of his unknown savior. "No one important, more to the point who might you be? Are you a survivor of the ransacked caravan we encountered upon the road?" The pain of memories resurfaced caused him to jerk visibly, "Yes… Yes I am. Names Connor, Connor Jennson." He said once more reigning in his fear and pain, "I'm a scientist bound for the Borderlands." " I see.." replied the mysterious man. "Tis a dangerous road that you and your fellows tried to take, I assume that you hired a Borderguard?" Connor now fully oriented turned towards the man and was only barely able to make out his features in the dim firelight, but just that look told him more than he needed ever know. The man's features were hauntingly beautiful yet unmistakably frightening when mixed with the seriousness and deadly grace of his every move. "Uh... Right, yes we did. But they were to meet with us in Northcreek, when we got there though they were gone." He explained. "Since they weren't there we pressed on hoping to meet them on the road when we were waylaid by a group of vampires. Three of them I think." Connor sat up and started to take in his surroundings, he was in the middle of a forest and within the bounds of a very militant camp that was set up to house three. Connor saw traces of what he guessed to be the man's partner and perimeter guard. The campfire, three tents, two of them well kept professional numbers and one that he recognized as one of his companion's from the convoy set up for him he assumed. And the presence of security that seemed to flow from the calm of the man sitting near him warming his hands close to the fire, fighting off the chill of the night air. "Hmmm." The stranger murmured to himself thoughtfully. He seemed to come to a conclusion after a moment or two of silence and spoke up again. "I'm sorry for your loss my friend and I wish to take the job of the missing Borderguards that you hired." "And since I will be travelling with you I might as well introduce myself. I am Alexander Elry, Borderguard. And I am at your service." Now that Connor was fully awake and his mind back to processing information as he was used to he could pick up the think Irish accent that laced the speech of the man beside him. "Thank you Alexander for your aid, and for saving my life" Connor said, feeling a slight prickling sensation on the back of his neck causing the fine hairs to rise and his fear to resurface. "And this Connor, is my comrade in arms." He said as he pointed to a place behind Connor. Connor turned around to see a tall man in a dark old fashioned frock cloak, dark suit pants and shirt of impeccable cut. A man with dark black curly hair that fell to his shoulder and bright green eyes set into a angular and smooth face. "A pleasure to be sure, meeting you that is. Well meeting you when you're not in the middle of passing out I suppose."