• "America, why don't you start the conference today" said Italy. ~America looks around nervously as if this was the first time he had ever started a conference~ "Wh-wh-why m-me? sweatdrop " he asks. ~All the axis powers break int hysterical laughter~ " surprised What's so funny?"..."A-a-ame-erica lol *haha* um... *hahaha!*" ~America looks down in disappointment... and thats when he finds out he forgot to put his pants on! redface ~
    ~ he blinks his gorgeous blue eyes, and squints in the sunlight~ oh, it was only a dream... I couldn't let them see me like that ... especially England !
    ~America gets out of bed, stretches, when, out of no where, out pops England~ " eek what are you doing here!" "I thought I'd come to make you breakfast!" said England, all excited. "Oh...yum, what are you cooking?" asked America. "Well, what do you want?" "Whatever you want sweetie 4laugh "
    ~Lights begin to flash, wind outside swirls fast, as a pink beam of light strikes down~
    " crying America, whats happening?!?!?" "I dont know, run...run to the basement and get my bat!" "But it is in your room" "Then go ge-wait, how would you know-* eek *.. Uh, ok, just go get my bat" ~England runs to get the bat~
    ~The morning sky turns black as coal, the front door flies open, and 1/2 pink, fuzzy, cute, teddy bear , 1/2 robot-squirrel crashes thru the door~
    ~England returns with the bat, hands it to America, and runs away~
    ~America is frozen with fear~
    " emo please don't hurt us"
    (Thinking Bubble smile * no, no America, get a hold of yourself. This idiotic creature CAN'T hurt you. You are strong... Don't let this thing hurt your England!*
    ~America charges to this weird creature with might and " scream scream NO! I WONT LET YOU HURT MY ENGLAND!"
    ~Beats the Bot-Bear's But with the Bat Brutally~
    " scream die, die !! RAWR!"
    ~The creature bursts into flames, America drops to the ground with tears streaming down his strong face~
    ~England runs to America Crying~
    "You did it, you saved me! crying you're my hero! I love you so much America!"
    "I know you do"
    ~ He smile's weakly, and collapses on the floor~
    "England" "yes?" she said "If I die today, or tomorrow ... Whenever I do...Don't forget me"
    "ok, says England... why are you crying, America"
    "Because I forgot to turn off my alarm clock"