• Nathan woke up in Kayla's house, completely scared and he was in pain. Kayla sat next to him.
    "Are you OK?"
    "Y-yeah. What happened?"
    "Your mom threw a knife at you"
    "And you passed out in the hospital"
    "Why'd she do that?"Nathan growled
    "I dunno!" She said and looked deeply into his eyes.
    "N-not now.. I'm in pain.."
    "I'll make it go away!" She grinned. He laughed and kissed her.
    "Yo!" Matt was still trying. Nathan glared at him.
    "Not now!" He said, touching where his mom threw the knife at him.
    "Why? Seriously. We gotta talk. Dude, I heard about the knife thing"
    Nathan frowned,"You are extremely cool, dude, I wont forgive you, by the way, who told you? Yeah, answer that one."
    "Okay!" Matt roared.
    Nathan's face was showing he was in enough pain,"What?" He whispered calmly and quick.
    Matt hugged him, and Nathan kicked him off,"Hey! No, I said I wont forgive you! You forgot what happened? Yeah, seriously." He growled and ran. He was suprised Kayla wasn't there. He sighed and glanced back at Matt.
    "You look like you'll freakin' dodge a bullet for me," Kayla said, and lay down in her bed. Nathan lay down next to her and nodded
    "What will happen if somebody tried to shoot me, babe?" She asked.
    "I'll make sure they dont; 'cause I love you, I mean, seriously love you, and I'll dodge it."
    Kayla looked like she was in pain.
    "What happened?" Nathan asked, scared.
    She took out a gun from under her bed.
    "Would you do that for me now..?"She asked.
    "N-no! I can't! You're not killing yourself."
    She nodded and brought it up to her head. He grabbed it and threw it,"You're not shooting yourself, I said I loved you!"
    "You said you'll dodge it"
    "Yeah! I will! But if it was someone else"
    "Then how about you shoot me?"
    "KAYLA! What are you talkin' about, sweetie?" He looked at her, his cyan eyes sad.
    "I'm Suicidal. I can't take this world anymore." Kayla jumped out the bed and then grabbed the gun, bringing it up again."I love you nathan"
    "KAYLA--" She pulled the trigger but too late because Nathan aimed it at the wall.
    He grabbed her hand and walked out her house. He pinned her against the wall of her house"Kayla! What's wrong with you?!"
    She looked down,"I'm a monster"