• Chapter Three:
    From the top of a giant hotel, I could see almost everything. smaller buildings, traffic, stores, humans of all shapes, colors and sizes walking past stores. I swung nimbly from blacony to balcony until I got to the cool concrete in an ally way, where a homeless man stared at me in horrer.
    " H-h-how'd you j-j-j-j-jump that f-f-far without b-breaking y-y-your l-legs" he stammered. I looked up at the ten foot drop that I just lept from.
    "Oh, it didn't feel that far..." I muttered and glanced at the man, strided up briquly and pulled him up by the coller of his jacket.
    "You didn't see that, DID YOU?"
    He shook his head and I dropped him . My boots scraped the asfalt as I walked onto sixth street. Screams filled my ears and I shot into an allyway. What I saw astounded me. A plane landed opening its hatch and letting out people in uniforms and guns. Then, the Donor appeared. It was a giant, aligator like creature and It sprayed an acid like liquid at them. A soldier jumped away from the stream as it ate a hole into the road.
    There was a teenage boy that lept out, un-uniformed and smiling.
    I watched in shock as the teenage human struck the Donor in the head with something that looked like a blue starbolt. Grinding my fingers into the brick wall, I muttered "What the Hell?". Then, to my disbeleaf, he laid his hand on the uncounchous Donor and cured him. Watching him do that took my breath away.
    The swiftness of his curing and the way he walked away like it's no big deal stunned me.
    The boy swiftly lifted the man and carred him to the ship. I looked around and pulled out a paper and pen from my pocket and wrote quickly:
    Meet me back here tomarrow at 10:30pm.
    Under the streetlight.

    - Natilee
    I walked by swiftly and pressed it into his palm. I smiled to him and walked back slower. His eyes told me everything. Confustion, caution, curiosity, fear. My Jacket flipped behind my calves as the wind blew the cool, crisp evning air. A small snip was the only warning before my hair blew with the wind. I promptly grabbed my bow from the ground and contenued walking down 6th street.
    I sat on top of a tall hotel, watching the New York triffic. It was like artries and vains, pumping vital blood into the body. I shook my head, grinding my teeth together. I layed back and looked up at the moon. I am a Child of the night, but we thrive on the moon. Living in the lonely world of darkness. Where, humans, hated us and we are nearly non-Existent on earth. What if I'm the only Vampire on earth? That wouldn't matter now. I'm not going to be here forever.
    Something flashed in the corner of my eyes, making my pause and attempt to figure out who or what it was. I stood up having the feeling I was being watched. It wasn't any normal gaze either. I shook my head and did a backhandspring releasing the energy on my fingertips, summoning a large ax.
    "Woah woah woah woah. Watch yourself Maxxie girl" Jett's voice taunted
    "What in the Hell are you doing here???" I whispered " I just now thought you where a Hunter! Damn! Stop sneaking up on me like that!"
    He shook his head and said " I'm supposed to watch you," his voice went soft as he looked around.
    "Why?" "Because all 3 kingdoms sent out their Keepers to investigate. That means the Demon boy is on the loose. God only KNOWS what HE'S up to," I laughed and walked over to the edge of the building. My boots scraped over the edge as I sat down.
    "Its so, Loud here," I muttered. Jett sat next to me and commented:
    "Nah, If I can ever sneak you into the BIG citys in my world, you'd run and scream, clutching you hands over your ears out of town," He Chuckled and pulled his jacket closer to his body. "it takes some getting used to.
    "You cold?" "Hell yeah. Its Winter!"
    I shook my head. "Well why don't you pack a heavier coat?"
    "I didn't pack anything. I don't need anything. I'll live." "Riiight Jett. You'll live. Okay, I'll believe that when I see it."
    He glared at me the laughed. I punched him in the shoulder and said " Don't be loud. Someone in the room below will hear us!"
    "Okay fine, I'll leave" He lept up.
    " No no no! You don't have to leave!" I sprang up and spoke before I could think. Then his arms where around me, pulling me aginst his broad chest. I looked up studying his eyes.
    "I have to go," he mused, "I have a messanger to report to..." His voice trailed off as my eyebrows pulled together. " Dont give me that look!" He muttered and pulled his face to mine, lips barely brushing mine. Then he was gone, my arms still held the air in front of me.
    Numbness froze in my limbs into place as I looked around. Why is my heart racing in my chest? Where is Jett? Did he just try to give me a kiss?
    My head flooded with questions as I lay down to sleep. I looked up at the moon again and said aloud," What do I really mean to you Jett?" From behind me I thought I heard someone say 'Everything'. I catapulted upright from my makeshift bed.
    The Shadow sword that I sommoned was HUGE! Nearly a foot wide and about as tall as me. I looked around and saw one, no, two glowing figures behind an air conditioning unit.
    "Come out here! I can see you two!" I called and took a few steps forward.
    Both of them slowly stepped out and looked at me with mock curiosity. Two little girls, mabye eleven or twelve, where wearing Dresses and leggings that where the same except they where opisite colors. One was Black and another was white, One had short hair and the other had long hair. The only things that where the same where those baby blue eyes and the blonde hair.
    I dropped the shadows and let my arms fall to my sides. Dear Arcceous, They where Beautiful. As they walked forward closer, I noticed something that took my breath away, they had Halos.
    "Who are you?" I whispered quietly.
    The one in the Black folded her hands and almost sang, "We are the Twins. I am Roxlyn and this is my sister Nineea," Her high voice was like tinkiling bells.
    I bowed back and murmered, "I am-"
    "Yes, you are the second Demention Guardian Maxx." Nineea's British accent made her face look softer. I held my breath. "Your the greatest Gatekeeper in History, you're the greatest warrior of your people. You've come here to seek knolage of the Dementions and yes, we are angels"
    My arms went limp again. "How'd you know all that?"
    They both said at the same time, "You've been the talk of the Angels after the collition. Avains too. We saw you in the allyway watching Master Alex battiling and we where curious at what you where doing on Earth. Natily wanted us to meet you..."
    "Who is Natily?" "She's the one who cares for us. It's funny. Your Earth name Is Natilee Tennison. You both have the same sounding name!" Roxlyn Chatted happily.
    Nineea bumped in,"Jett, the werewolf, that is who he was, right?"
    "Yeah, Why?" I replied slowly.
    "You said earlier,what do you really mean to him?" She nodded and said in a lower tone, "You mean everything to him. He's afraid to loose you here."
    "Oh, NINEEA! Don't mess with Them-"
    "Wait, how did you know that?" I sat down on the cold concrete roof.
    "I can read emotions." She smiled and Roxlyn pushed her off the side of the hotel. I jumped off the side in alarm to catch her. Roxlyn followed me as I watched Nineea extened her small wings with a flourish. The glowing feathers stunned me further. I unfurled mine quickly and landed back on the top of the building. I watched them flit around the hotel as they argued.
    "You need to mind your little buisness!" Roxlyn said and Nineea replied strongly,"Yeah, same with you, Listning to her conversation with Jett-"
    I felt myself blush as I lay back with a sigh. Next thing I knew they where over me holding hands and staring at me expectaintly.
    "We have to return to Natily," they both said at the same time.
    "Alright..." I sighed
    "Don't feel sad. If you stay in New York we will find you and see you every night!" Roxlyn Chirped. Nineea nodded and they fluttered into the moon.