• The den is so much brighter these days. It was always bright but with so many trees gone, it's just... different. Hunting is the most difficult thing to do with so many of us. It wasn't this hard before those filthy... I don't even know what to call them. there called humans; oh, how I hate to say that word. They should be called, monsters! The trees where how got them. We used to know the woods like the top of our paws. But, with the mountains becoming so bare, it's hard.
    My pack, the Black Fang's, are major hunters. We live for the hunt. the other pack thinks we are brutes, but we need to live. My Alpha name is Silver Moon. I haven't heard the name my mother gave me in such a long time. Everyone just knows me as Silver Moon. The only other wolf that has known me long enough to know is Ace. Because he was my one and only litter mate a few minutes younger then me.

    The other pack is just asking to fight; always coming to our borders to find more food. They think they know everything there is to know; the other pack leader, something "Night", doesn't even know what the forest was like with the trees. Everywhere you turn there was prey just asking to be caught.

    Oh how I love to scare those humans, it's so much fun. They see me or anyone from my pack and they scream and hide. Though, that is only the little ones, the big ones hunt us down. I've saved a few of the others pack's wolves from sudden death and gotten myself hurt, but I don't think they told anyone.

    There is mountains upon mountains. There aren't any lakes, like that of the other pack, but there are springs everywhere, so the animals come right to us. Well, what's left of the animals. the humans kill them before they can get to us. there's a big waterfall that turns into a river, but we rarely go there anymore. For one, both packs are aloud to go. Two, humans go there also. It's for wolves only. they have no right. The god left it there for us wolves to go to. It's supposed to be a place for peace.

    Ivy and Taji think that I should team up with the Alpha of the other pack. I think that is the worst idea they have ever come up with. Me and her, we're complete opposites. But for the pack, even though I don't like it, I might have to do it.

    "Ace, what do you think I should do?" I ask.

    "I think you should do it. It could stop the fighting between the two packs." Ace says to me.

    "Fine. I'll go to the Silver Stars tomorrow and talk to their Alpha on what she wants to do." I say with the pride Black Fangs have.

    "Good luck with that."

    "I'm and Alpha to. If they are as smart as they think, I'll be fine."