• I can't ever remember the forest ever being this... bright. With so many tress missing, light comes in much more then it used to. This small fact, makes hunting hard. Prey can see us easier, even if we plan it out perfectly.

    My name is Midnight. Truthfully, that is just my Alpha name. I can't even remember my birth name, I have been leader of the Silver Stars pack so long. My pack is one of the only two packs still in Warrior Forest. I have to say, it is simply amazing the other pack has managed to live.
    The Silver Stars were, and still are I might add, always the smartest and most cunning pack in the whole of the forest. We always plan out our attacks before we strike. However, even with that, hunting is still very hard now.
    The other pack, they are brutes. I wouldn't be surprised to find out they don't have brain, but moss growing inside their heads.
    We, the Silver Stars if you hadn't gathered, live on the eastern side of the forest. We have the lakes and the large meadows. It tends to be peaceful when it isn't being chopped down for firewood for that retched town.
    My poor pack members, I feel awful for having to make them suffer this. If I could, I would send them to a different forest to live happily and bear all the weight of these humans myself, but they are loyal to me, the forest, and our history.
    I myself have never seen a human, because of my scouts. Really my main scout, Dimi. It's because of her that my pack still lives and that I have yet to see a human. Though I have some grisly tales from my hunters.
    A sadness fills my heart every time I hear one of those horrid tales. I avoid eating whenever they are being told. I suppose that isn't the only reason I don't eat much. I have to save as much food as I can for everyone. These are the downsides to being a leader. However, there are even more
    There is one amazing trait to leaders of packs of the Warrior Forest. We can change to a human form of ourselves. I have seldom tried it; it takes so much energy I could be put into planning hunts. Though my medicine wolf, Long Feather, says I should use this power to look in on the lives of humans.
    I would, if not for the hunting issues, and I'm terribly afraid of those awful, terrible, retched humans. I do not want to show weakness in front of my pack, and that would be the perfect way to lose what little I have gained.
    Long Feather says I do not have to do it alone. I could do it with the pack leader of the other pack. What was their name again? Oh it slips my mind. The name of the leader? Something along the lines of Moon Sliver. But I digress. I couldn't possible do it with.... her? Or was it a he? Eh, it doesn't matter.
    "Midnight, my dear leader." He says in his elderly way.
    "You must think of the pack. It would be the perfect way for you to learn how to use your lovely power, and to spy on the humans. You don't even have to do it alone." He always shook his head, smiling a toothy smile when he said this part.
    "You could go with the leader of the other pack. I can do that for you, my brilliant leader." I would always shake my head no and find a decent excuse not to do it.

    I am not surprised by many things, because I was taught how to expect everything. I would be surprised, however, if I saw a human, or if I ever worked with that brute. She and her pack only ever want to fight! We go even an inch over the order, and there they are, willing to rip our throats out. It isn't our fault there is some tasty little that creature runs over there and my hunters are after it.
    The silver Stars are eccentric. We don't fight. We don't hunt like crazy. We try to live civilly. Or to the best a wolf can live. I could ask my main hunter, Dayito, what other wolves are like. He might know. He is a bit older then me, and remembers the forest in part of it's glory. I can only remember it's downfall.
    I suppose that every mighty empire must fall at sometime to make way for a greater one. Only thing is, the empire that forest is becoming isn't one of wolves. Even is all my wolves were to die, and only the other pack were to survive, but could make the of rest back to it's former glory... well there just aren't words to say how happy I would be. Better wolves, of any kind, then evil humans.
    I am upsetting myself now. Perhaps I could tell of how lovely my home is. We have tree large dens that look onto a small meadow, that holds a small lake. Peace and calm seems to surround us all day. That matches our personality perfectly.
    We have a fair amount of land we can call territory. I am not sure how much the other pack has. I do know that the humans have more then both of us together.
    From what I have heard , they are pretty care free. The humans I mean. They live so easily, everything they need is right at their finger tips, and they can accesses it with the smallest of effort. Could anyone help but feel jealous? That life should belong to my pack. Not to the humans who stole everything. We earned this forest from the gods, the humans stole it.
    No, I must stop thinking of them. Yet...I can not. The are the constant struggle everyday. They are in every conversation. They are everything, when just before I was born, they were nothing. I doubt that there is a single human alive with a heart.