• I look out the open window of Grans mini van. In front of me is a large white building with two small gray ones on the side. The white one was three stories while the gray ones where one. I opened the sliding door of the car open with a small screech. Its raining as I drop down onto the sidewalk. I run along the path across the muddy ground and push open the wood doors. They are surprisingly light and easy to open.
    I look into a large hallway. There are lockers lining the edges of the walls and stairs at the end of it. Two doors open on both the left and right sides of the ally and each has a label at the top. I check each of the labels quickly and spot that the second one on the left reads office. I walk into the room and am instantly surrounded by posters of random presidents.
    “ Ghaa.” I squeak. Hey it’s kind of creepy walking into a room expecting a dull gray office when all of a sudden you face to face with a picture of Abraham Lincon. I look away from the posters and walk over to the desk not sure what to do. “ Umm…” I say as I look at the old lady at the front desk. “ Oh hello welcome to our school. I’m Mrs.Fanmark, lovely to meet you. You must be Lane you will be in class B2. Now get along your class is waiting.” She says not giving me a moment to speak. “ Excuse me but.”
    “ Go on now.” Mrs.Fanmark said getting up from her chair and pushing me out the door. “ Okay class B2.” I say to myself pulling out a map of the school. I look at the diagrams. This is much more complicated then it should be. I think to myself. I guess I’m supposed to go upstairs. I say folding up the old peace of paper and stuffing it into my big black backpack.
    I climb up the flight of stairs to the second floor and see all three B classes.
    There, Class B2. I walk over to a closed door with the name B2 on it. I knock on it to be polite. Then I open the door to my class room.

    ( To be continued again in Lanes New Life 3)