• I woke up that morning to fined my little sister,Luna next to me. "Luna, what are you doing here?" I asked her. She looked at me with her sorry,black eyes. "iIm sorry sister. but daddy got home late last night,drunk and trid to bet me, so I ran to you room." She told me

    I sighed. I got up and helpped her to room.

    We went to her room and I dressed her in a black and red dress.

    "There. That better?" I asked her

    She looked at me and nodded with a small smile.

    I went to the kitchen only to see father on the table, passed out.

    "Father, get up." I kicked the chair from under him. All he did was fall down.

    He looked up at me, "Kira, will you fix me some food?" He asked.

    I looked down at him and nodded.

    After breakfast

    "Father, I'm takeing Luna to school then I'm heading to my team!" I yelled.

    All I got back was nothing. I shoke my head.

    I walked with Luna to her school. I dropped her at school and went to the training grounds to meet my Sensei.

    My Sensei was Cocoa, she was cool. and my teammates are Kim Mika, and Itachi Uchiha.

    "Kira,my dear. You look lovely." Someone whispered in my ear. I turned around to see my boy friend, Itachi. "Hello to you too, Itachi." He smirked.

    He put his arms around my waist.

    I smiled. "Itachi."

    "Yes?" He asked.

    "What would it be like if our clans didn't hate each other?" He looked to the sky.

    "Then maybe you and me would have you-know-what" i started to blush when he looked at me.

    Then our team came.

    We had to do a C-ranked mission.

    After the mission. "Kira!!" I looked to see.

    "fFather? What are you doing here?" I asked. I was with my team still.

    He glared at Itachi. and Itachi glared back

    "Cocoa-san. I'm taking my daughter home,now!" He told her as he grabbed my hand. Cocoa-Sensei nodded.

    We walked all the way home. Luna didn't get off of school untill 5. Right now 3.

    We got home and he pushed me inside.

    I fell to the ground. "I knew you and that Uchiha boy loved eachother." He said as he glared down at me.

    I looked up at him. "So what, father? I LOVE Itachi!" I yelled at him

    He threw a kunai at my left leg. "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I screamed.

    I grabbed the kunai and pulled it out.

    "Kira, I'm going to talk to the Hokage tomorrow and putting you on a differnt team." He said as he left the house.

    I looked at the door. "Damn you." I cursed. I put my hand over my leg and let it heal.

    It toke at least 1 hour to heal. I sighed. I got up and started to clean the house. A knock was at the door.

    "Coming!" I yelled.

    I open the door to see two Anbus. "Yes, How can I help you?" I asked.

    "Miss.Kira. We just found you father died." The one on the right said.

    I nodded. "Did anything happen between you two?" I nodded.

    "We got into a fight of the boy I love and, well he threw a kunai at my left leg that toke me an hr to heal." I told them.

    They nodded. "aAight. thank you for your time. " And they left.

    I closed the door and smiled. 'Thank god his gone.' I thought to my self, but who killed him.

    At 5 P.M.

    "Sister! Father! I'm home!" Yelled Luna. I came out of the kitchen.

    "Luna." She looked at me and smiled. "Sister." she ran to me and hugged me. "I've got great news."

    I looked at her.

    "And whats that?" I asked her.

    "I have a fan club. alot of the boys really like me."

    I smiled. "that is good, because you beautiful." She then giggled.

    I then started to make dinner, but then the door rang. "coming."

    I anwsered it.