• When I came to, I felt something cold on my forehead. I kept my eyes closed to take in what I could by hearing what's going on. I heard two people, a man and a girl, speaking in low voices.
    "Alice, you are aware that now the whole town of Forks is going to be aware of what we really are because of what you've done?"
    "Edward, who's gonna believe a child? She's only seven."
    Edward sighed. Afer a long silence he asked, "Where is she?"
    "Well, obviously she's right there."
    "No, I meant the little girl."
    "She's downstairs sleeping on the couch."
    They didn't seem like bad people. The cold thing was removed from my forehead and was dotted on my face. The girl sighed, then asked, "Carlisle, how's she doing?"
    "Her wounds are healed up, it's the broken bones I'm more worried about."
    "Please..." I managed to whisper. I opened my eyes as much as I could, which were barely slits. I felt the pain overwhelm me at last. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Worry about my sister more."
    I blinked then sat up straight. "Jaime!" I leaped off the bed and stumbled to the stairs. I tripped, but caught the railing. "Please, don't!" I heard Carlisle plead, but I ignored him. I needed to find Jaime and make sure she was okay. I got to the landing and looked around. "Where is she?" I asked as I was about to decend the next flight of stairs. I felt a hand on my shoulder whip me around.
    It was her.
    She had dark brown flipped up hair. Her eyes were wide and golden brown colored, and her face was perfectly heart shaped. Her lips were full, and she had a cute button nose. She looked me in the eye and said gently, "You need to go back upstairs and lay down, hun." I suddenly felt dizzy and started to fall, but she caught me in her arms. She carried me up the stairs and into the bedroom. As soon as she put me back down on the bed, I asked her, "You're the Cullens aren't you?" She smiled; it was so dazzling it made my heart flutter. "Yes, we are. How did you know?"
    "I met some kids from your school, well, our school. They mentioned you in a conversation and I asked who you were, and they described you as this big beautiful family." I stared into her eyes.
    GOD SHE'S SO CAPTIVATING! I screamed in my head. I saw Edward behind her smirk and shake his head as he leaned in the doorway. Carlisle came into the door and said cheerfully, "Well, I'm guessing that you're awake by now. I'm Carlisle, the father of these wonderful children." He patted a boy with curly blonde hair heartily on the back. He had his jaw clenched tight and his eyes were coal black as he stared at me intently. I didn't even notice he was there, to be honest. "This is Jasper, he's new to our family. This one in the doorway," he said motioning to the man in the doorway, "Is Edward-"
    "Who is this girl?"
    A silence fell over the room, then Carlisle continued speaking. "That's Alice."
    I blinked; a thought occurred to me. I sat up slowly. "Wait, where's Rosalie and Emett?"
    "Oh, you know everyone?"
    "No, Carlisle." Alice spoke up. "A few kids she met that go to our school mentioned us in a conversation, names included."
    "Ah, so need for introductions, then?"
    "Well, everyone except...your wife I take it?" I said as a gorgeous long haired burnette with a glistening smile stepped in next to Carlisle. "I'm Esme, it's nice to meet you." she said. I extended my arm to shake her hand, but it suddenly felt as if it burst into flames. I left it out anyway, and she took my hand gently and shook it.
    Well, it's getting a little crowded in here, I thought to myself nervously. Close spaces make me nervous. "Carlisle, I think it'd be a good idea if we let her rest. I'll make sure she doesn't do anything...irrational." Edward said as he stood up straight.
    "Oh, no it's okay Edward," Alice said cheerfully, "I'll do it."
    "Well, it seems she's taken a liking to you." Carlisle said as he turned to the door. Everyone but Jasper started heading for the door. "Oh," Carlisle stopped in the door. "I never got your name."
    "Call me Roxanne." I said, smiling weakly.
    "Well, Roxanne, welcome to Forks."
    I lay back down, sighing. The room was eerily silent. I felt nausious, dizzy, and I had a headache coming in. "How you feeling?" Alice asked with a sweet smile. I blushed, and replied, "I'm feeling okay."
    "Still worried about your sister?"
    "More than anything."
    "Aw, only a good sister like you would worry so much. That's too sweet." she gushed.
    Time for rhyming; I blushed...again.
    "What time is it?"
    "Time for you to get some rest."
    "Hardy har har."
    She giggled. She crossed them room to a chair beside the bed.
    "So you're infamous Roxanne?" she asked, a glitter in her golden brown eyes.
    "Yeah, that's me."
    "Your sister wouldn't stop talking about you."
    I laughed. "Yeah, I'm sure I'm her role model." I lifted my head off the pillow in curiousity. "How is she, is she doing okay?"
    "She's fine. She's a sleep on the couch downstairs."
    I sighed in relief, dropping my head back onto the pillow. "Thank god..."
    "So how long have you been around?"
    Wait...what? I thought.,
    "What are you talking about?"
    "I saw you in the parking lot when you were going to Hot Topic. You sure have some self control you need to learn."
    A bell rang in the back of my head.
    "So that was you in the red convertable?"
    "Yeah. I was going into the Kohls that was right across the parking lot from it next to Gamestop."
    I blushed. "He deserved it. He called me a b***h, for crying out loud. In front of Jaime, at that!"
    She crossed her arms over her chest. "Doesn't give you an excuse, though."
    There was a silence, then she asked again, "So how long have you been around?"
    "Well, when were you biten?"
    I blinked. As cute as she is, she's insane. Makes me feel insanely lost, I thought.
    "I was never bitten."
    Her eyebrows scrunched together. "Well, you have superhuman strength unlike any other human-"
    "Whoa whoa whoa," I said, sitting up. The pain in me screamed in my veins, but I ignored it. "Are you implying that I'm not human?"
    "You have to be...unless..." she seemed to be muttering to herself, then she dashed out the door. "Carlisle!" I heard her call out. "Can you come here for a second?" Within seconds, Carlisle came back in with a worried expression on his face. "Is everything okay?" he asked with concern in his voice. They both looked at me and she directed him to the hallway. Ever since I could remember, my sense of hearing was extremely well. I picked up on their barely audible whispers.
    "I think she's a vampire."
    "What makes you say that?"
    "I was watching her in the parking lot the day she was beaten, and she managed to kick the man who drove at her off of his motorcycle. Without him stopping."
    A long silence.
    "Carlisle, this isn't a normal human reflex."
    "I am aware..." He sighed. "Perhaps she was born a half breed..."
    "Half breed?"
    "When a human and a vampire produce a child together."
    "That's not possible. I thought once you became a vampire, everything inside you stops working except your brain."
    "Not all the time. We can look into this later, for now we need to take care of her."
    ...What the ********, vampire-
    "Hold up!" I said, taking one giant and painful leap off the bed and into the hallway. "You think I....am a vampire?"
    "And the extremely sharp sense of hearing seems to be another sign..." Alice sighed.
    I laughed nervously. I mean, I know for a fact this kind of crap as a mere child amused me, but...for real? "I am not a vampire. If I was, I would've been a pile of ashes dying in the sun a LONG time ago." I swayed slightly, but caught the door frame to keep me steady. "This is too much to take in all at once. I mean, what makes you think I'm a vampire...? No no no, don't tell me I just heard why..." I sighed. "I'm going to sleep." I headed towards the bed, so lost and confused.
    "But can you sleep?" Alice said quietly. I stopped in my tracks, my heart racing. I turned slowly to face them. "What?" I whispered, wide eyed. I can't believe this, this can't be real.
    "Have you ever noticed that you're abnormally fast and strong? You're sense of smell, hearing and sight is extremely sharp? Whenever you smell blood, your throat tingles as if you crave water?" I shook my head. Just ignore them, this is typical vampire symptoms. Anyone can Google this. I lifted the bed sheet and threw it back, about ready to sit down. "Do you glitter like diamonds in the sun?" I stopped and gasped. I was trembling now, "This can't be real..." I muttered, gripping the bed sheets in a tight fist. I whirled around and screamed, "I won't believe it! Vampires are just a myth, they don't really exist! You have no proof! You have...no..." I fell over onto the bed, but started falling off. Carlisle caught me just as I was about to hit the floor. They lifted me up and onto the bed. "But I don't understand...I do sleep, but it's nearly impossible to fall asleep, I bleed like a normal human, and I eat and drink like a normal human...and my eyes are...different, but they're not the same color as yours." In fact, my eyes were rainbow colored. Says a lot about my personality...one moment I'm red, then the next I'm blue. Alice brushed the stray hairs away from my face and hushed me. "You need to rest. Just lay down and stay calm." I nodded wordlessly. I was feeling sick to my stomach and drowsy. My eyelids felt heavy as they lay me back down on the bed. "But if you can't sleep, why do you have a bed?" I asked, my voice strained. "We always have one handy just in case we need it." Alice said with a wink. I blushed and thought, Kinky... I heard someone downstairs burst out into laughter, probably Edward, I recognized the voice. "Just rest for now. At least try to get some sleep, okay?" Alice pleaded. "Okay, I'll try. Thanks." I said hoarsely with a smile. I turned over, ignoring the pain that shot through my body like lightening in the sky, and soon drifted off to sleep.