• Chapter 1- The beginning

    At the beginning of time, about one thousand years BC, there was a young couple, who had discovered something... something called "Magyk" or as know in the modern world, "magic". They had trained and studied every spell and every potion, soon to create enough Magyk for years to come.

    Five years later they had decided to share the Magyk with everyone and teach them how to use powers but as they aged into an old wise couple, they had discovered evil happenings in the world and decided something had to be done. From that point on they trained young wizards, the youngest at all was 3 and the oldest to be trained was 13.

    Something had happened with one of the wizards, they had been testing new potions and needed someone to test it on, they had then found a young boy, about age seven, and tested it on him. They do not know what went wrong, but something did. The boy's name was Kidd and he was the best good wizard they had ever met, until Kiki. But that comes later, Kidd had turned from good to evil and from evil to good. Since they couldn't have his evil breakouts around they banished him and was never to be seen again... until lately.

    Some years later they had discovered this 13 year old girl who was always interested in Magyk but had never had the chance to experience it, they had trained her until she was 15 and then leashed her out into the world, she does nothing but good and can't bring herself to harm anyone or anything.

    They had trained two original wizards to take over their jobs for them; Deku and Joe. But Deku had set out to find the long lost wizard; Kidd. But out there, something had happened. Deku was gone for long, way too long. He had returned to the site with scratches on his arms and torn wizard robes, they at first thought he had been bitten by a rabid animal but then realized, he had taken a bite of evil. They banished Deku from the site but he had remembered it and planned to get revenge one day. Joe was always mad and never wanted to be a wizard, he considered it before but after finding out he had to wear a skirt, he turned even more mad so mad that he held it against everyone in his way and turned evil. Banished, away with Deku.

    Amanda, a nice wizard who had been trained by only Carolina which made her annoyed, she had to do this and had to do that she had soon got tired of all the hard work, so she stole a Magyk book and learned spells on her own and leaving her work behind. She discovered a spell called "dog" of course she didn't know what it was so, she used her Magyk wand and turned herself into what she is today... A dog human. Banished, like all the others.

    They had captured a wolf not too long ago after Amanda's incident and they had found it chewing on a helpless cat. They put the wolf onto a table and used a potion to turn it into a dragon... bug it failed, the wolf, who's name is now David, had been turned into a wolf dragon. But! At least hes good and not bad. Kizzal on the other hand, they tired to turn her into a lion but used the wrong spell labeled "flying monkeys" and she turned into a cat with wings who, like all the others. Had been banished from the site for turning evil.

    There was also a young 3 year old who they hoped if trained her so young she would remember nothing bad and remember only good, and hopefully turn out like Kiki. Her name was Danni. But since she was so young when it had happened, she wondered what it was like to be normal she often wished she were dead and to recreate her life but couldn't, something was holding her back from suicide, something holding her back from what she wanted. Not knowing what, she often raged out for not knowing anything.

    They had tried to once again turn something into something it wasn't so they captured another wolf and named it Kirby. They had then tried to turn it into a wizard, it was successful as so they thought, but Kirby had a liking for dog treats, they gave him animal crackers mostly to keep him calm.

    There was also a little boy named Polar, who got his name from his great great great great great great great grandfather; Polar the great. He was always hungry so once he had no coins so he stole a cookie. To punish him they had turned him into a pair of underwear and embarrassed from it, he ran away and became an evil villain.

    And not only but 3 years after they had met Domani, a nice little girl. They trained her as much as they could, the nicest they could. But she had too heard about Kidd and decided to find him just like Deku had tried, but what happened to him had happened the same to her.

    Last but not least, they had last trained a small one... about age 4 at the time. Though their name is banished from saying and so is their gender; They had disappeared one day to never be seen again. No idea if they were good or evil which is why they were banished from ever being heard or spoken of.