• Nathan's eyes flickered open.A roar of kids yelled,screamed,fought,and did horrible things.He sat up and rubbed his eyes.It was his natural day for school.He was on the bus.
    "Good morning hell...."['i]He said,his voice trembling, because the bus was moving.
    Nathan made a face when he yawned,which made his friend, Matt notice him.
    "Hey Nathan!"The person yelled.
    Nathan lowered his head."Hey Matt,did you know how tired I am?You're yelling really solved it."Sarcasm was his trick.
    Matt frowned."Your doing the sarcasm thing,Nathan.You know I hate that,dude."He said,taking the seat next to him.
    "I really dont want to talk to you,Matt,"Nathan said,closing his eyes.
    "But its the first day!"
    "Wow,I care so much about school,Matt!"Nathan said,sarcasticly.
    "Listen,That crap is getting me annoyed."
    "Sarcasm?"He said,running his fingers through his brown hair.His beautiuful cyan coloured eyes looked at Matt,with anger.
    "Yeah!If I start getting angry,and-and I punch you,would you use sarcasm?"
    "Yes Matt.Really."He closed his eyes,and fell asleep.
    "Hm,I hate you Nathan"
    "I hate you too,Kid."
    "Ugh!"Matt growled and walked off.
    "My perfect day..hell...in a bus."
    -more coming soon-