• There were zombies. Not a lot of them, but they were there. I had a gun. I don't know what kind of gun, but I had it and I could use it. I shot at the zombies and ran away. SKIP SCENE I am in a large parking structure. You know, like the parking places they have at malls, and theme parks. There is a large crowd. My reasoning at first is that this large crowd will keep me safe from the zombies, but looking back it would just draw more of them, and everyone would get infected.
    We all boarded a train. I, as dream logic goes, had no weapons, only two pots of orange, yellow, and red tulips and a carton of teriyaki noodles. But the train would have taken us someplace safe anyway. SKIP SCENE I was in a warehouse. Metal shelves were everywhere. On the bottom row of every shelf was a bunch of plants. Men walked across the top shelves. They told me that I was stuck here. How did I get here? The train was supposed to take me someplace safe. I didn't see anyone else here. Just me and those men in sunglasses and labcoats. A boy told them to go away. He must have been hiding someplace, because I was convinced I was alone. SKIP SCENE Somehow that kid, who introduced himself as Steve Burnside, got the lab guys to go away. I was happy that now nobody was keeping me. Those men didn't say what they were going to do, but it probably wasn't going to be good. I hugged Steve until I heard a crack and he pushed me away. He told me that we should leave quickly. Alarms may have been sounded and whatnot. I told him that I wanted to get my flowers and food. I searched the shelves while Steve stood guard. I found my fiery-looking tulips quickly, but I just could not find my teriyaki noodles. I searched through the cartons at the end of every shelf. I looked through a pile of same-brand noodles. Bean sprout noodles...Thick noodles...Chicken Ramen... I couldn't find my carton.

    I woke up