• Dr. Doc's Journal Entry #12
    March 7, 2010

    tab I had finished both robots that Mr. Powers had assigned me on. I hadn't done it for him, though. In my head, I had cultivated a plan for revenge. When I told Jenna, she did not hesitate to go along with it.
    tab To give Mr. Powers what he deserved...That was my one and only motive for everything.
    tab It was, in theory, a simple plan. Mr. Powers had revealed to me, on the day after he murdered Tyler, his reason for me creating the robots. He told me he had no further reason to hold it back, and said,
    tab "I've been offered a...large sum of money for this project. You can see on that beanie I gave you. R.I.P....It stands for 'Robotic Industrial Project'. I'm not doing all this as a hobby or as satisfaction. It's my 'job', if you want to call it that. But depending on how well you present your own creations to my sponsors, that's what decides on whether I keep it or not."
    tab His plan was that I'd walk in there, myself pretending to be human, while presenting the copies of Jenna and Tyler to impress his sponsors. He's get the money, go live happy with his family, and the rest of us would be left to nothing.
    tab It wasn't happening. Not on my watch.

    tab "Mr. Powers...You had something to show us?" Our plan was set. Earlier, I had told Mr. Powers that I had only finished recreating Jenna. In reality, I had finished both, but to succeed in my revenge plan, that was what I needed to say.
    tab After that, I switched to two Jenna's places. They looked identical, so even I couldn't tell which was which. When we got to the interview, Jenna would then prove she was human, after Mr. Powers claimed she wasn't, proving Mr. Powers to be a fraud.
    tab But things did not go as planned.
    tab There were four of us at the table. The interviewer, Mr. Powers, Jenna, and I.
    tab "And who is she?" he asked, pointing over to Jenna. "It's the beginning of March. Shouldn't sge be in school?"
    tab "Well...well..." Mr. Powers stammered through his unrehearsed excuses. He put his arm slowly around me, and said,
    tab "This...is my son. We--together--we worked on this project. A...father and son type of thing." I could see, in the interviewer's eyes, that excuse wasn't holding up. Before he could say anything, though, Mr. Powers quickly went on, wrapping his left arms around Jenna.
    tab "And this...is our project." Our interviewer blinked, and the chuckled.
    tab "The girl? The girl is your project? What, is your project some sort of super advanced humanoid robot?"
    tab "Actually..." Mr. Powers' eyes shifted from side to side. "Actually, yes." The interviewer gaped in utter surprise, not quite sure what to say for a second.
    tab "Oh, you've got to be..." He buried his face in his arms, and muttered,
    tab "Go on. It's not like this is the first interview I've had that's gone in this direction. But please, make it quick." Mr. Powers smiled, and managed a fake smile.
    tab "She--"
    tab "Don't believe anything he says!" I suddenly cut in. As I said it, it reminded me of what Jenna had told me, not so long ago. No one could respond to that. Mr. Powers just stared at me, bug-eyed, but to my shock, he didn't look the least bit surprised or worried. Regardless, I went on,
    tab "He's a liar, and he's trying to trick you. That girl...That girl is actually just a human!" The man sighed, and said,
    tab "Mr. Powers. This ending of our interview was one I expected. Please, next time in an interview like this, take in careful consideration before you--"
    tab "What is that man talking about over there?" Jenna said with a scowl. "I am a robot." Things were not going according to plan.