• So I was digging around and I mannaged to stumble upon this. I am not really sure where I was taking this or if I will but any cristism, yes even spelling, will be greatfull. And if enough people want to see more of this I'll continue it.

    A local tavern was at its warmest time of the night. People friendly and the beer flowing freely from keegs. Umongts this friendly common fest a cloaked figure came in from the cold of the night greeted by a friendly durnken wave of hello. This dark blue cloaked figure casuly steeped across the floor the the bartender and exchanged words with him about recent events in the area. The cloak was position in suck a fassion that the face was conceiled perfectly. Only the bartender was able to get a glimps at the face though could not distinguish it. The bartender did a study of this new person who had walked in there figure was a lil broad and around 5 foot 6 inches and with the voice identifed it was a male though could not make out the age. He aquired about local place of interst and work, common of travlers, and the bartender happly gave him information. Immerging from the wave of dunkards stumbled a partiuclar trouble maker twords the front. The bartender was well fimilar with this one and knew he would do nothing but cause trouble. The bartenders only motive of keeping him around was that he paid alot for what he drank. There was some more stumbleing and then a violent pat on his sober geust's sholder and with drunken breath and speach said "What might you be doing here?" A sharp glare was shot at his back right into his customers eyes, it would of been enfough to deteer a common sober man but not him. A few errie seconds passed though the bar matained its usual sounds of talking and lafughter and then the cloaked figure said in a threating tone, "Get your hand off me." The threat had no effect of the alchaol that was in the mans body and he continued to speak in slured stuttered speach "Well...thats not nice i'd ought to teach you a lesson." A step back was taken and the bartenders cloaked geust turned to meet this. The center of attention was now shifted twords the obvious impending fihgt that the bartender dident seam eager to see the out come of. As the drunk staggared up to deliver a blow the cloaked geust meagerly placed his hands in his pockets and side stepped the poorly cordinated blow. With building fustration another was delivered and yet was dodged in the same simple fassion. Four more blows were attempted and all dodged the same way ending up almost exactly where they had started. Completly full of fustration the dunkard charged the calm figure. With grace the figure menuvered to the side and delivered on swift kick to the back of the knee makeing the leg lose its strenght for a moment thus sending the drunk falling to the ground smacking his face off the floor missing the top of the bar by a mear few inches. The room had gotten quiet expecting to be rooting for a brawl but instead they got barely anything. Depressed with the out come the turned back over and continued there coversation in defeat. The figure thanked the bartender for the information he was given and then oppolgized for the knocked out body that was now on his floor. Curious the bartender asked the man's name, the respons he got was after the man looked down at his left fist and annoucned to him "Wolf." Shocked in the most part the bartender made his bid farewell and "Wolf" left.

    As he approached the door Wolf was stopped by two more sober drunks than the last one. He sighed and asked nicly if they could move but was denied and told "We want to see for our selves." Thats when he relized he was surronded. Wolf mentaly slapped him self in the head for being surrounded. He did a quick survay of them, they were fairly deicent builds enfough to make him put a run for his money. As wolf prepared him self a tankard was placed on the table and a mid sized woman made her way through the crowd and stood on the edge of where Wolf had been surrounded and watched carefully. The options he had were very slim, he dident want to physical harm them with blade wounds so he couldent fight with his blades. Every thing else he had would cause problems to every one else and that was the last thing he would need. Wolf hoped that they would be stupid enfough to come one at a time. Wolf cautiousl watched every angle he could waiting for one to make the first move. On his second revelation he saw the two gaurding the door pull out knives. He had no choice now. Wolf drooped his head and neck brifely and remarked "So, thats how we are gona do this....ok..." He flicked open his cloak and drew two katana blades and heald left one reverse the back of the blade agints his fore arm and the other at a normal stance. Wolf smiled in a twisted way and siad "Lets have fun." He had not noticed that the others had backed off and the lady that had take a postion near the ambushes had nonchantly approached him and said in a some what seductive voice. "May I." Wolf looked over the left sholder and saw the woman approach. She was around the same high seaming slightly taller, Long black hair down to here sholder blades, pale white skin and a some what muslcar build. Wolf figured she had some other event with them she needed to settle and two on two would make his life alot easier. Wolf position his left blade inbetween his fingers closeing them to secure them in place haveing the curve face him. "Have fun." Was all Wolf needed to say. The woman nodded and said in a cheeky reply "Why I will." Wolf would leave the one on the left to her and began to fcous on the right taunting him with his hands. Noticing that no progress was made taunting his opponet Wolf half dashed the distance than made a fake strike stoping 1/3 through the move. This had gone to plan as the target raised his knife to stop the blow from the katana. Useing the advantage created he took one step and useing the top of the blade he swong left to right but the attack was noticed and the report of steel clashing filled the bar stoping every ones actions and diverting ther attention to the fight. The fight was getting intenser with each blow deliverd each combatant getting more fatigued

    Wolf and his opponet were trading failed blows one after another, the spectators cheering after each blow. A barrage of blows were now raining on him sending him back steping slightly to avoid the knife drunkard to get to close to him. Wolf was getting closer to the front of the bar and the barrage of attacks werent lighting up on him. Seeing a stall in his attacks Wolf rolled sideways to get away from the counter and his possible doom. Now he was ready to dish back what he had recived. He started with a high virtical strike being nocked to the side then stepped in and delivered a upercut slice that was nocked again to left side. Wolf then got another step closer makeing the durnkard jump backwards after a near miss with a digonal strike across the stomach. Nearing more tables the drunkard was gettind desperate the the crowd ever more excited. With the upperhand Wolf set up for a vertical strike and began to slice twords the head. The drunkard natural put the weapon up to gaurd his face but Wolf had other plans. Half way through the swing he changed his wrist now the blade was spun upward to allow thrusting of the katana. With the percision of a arrow the blade entered the fore arm of the drunkards knife hand.