"Oh,Not Again."Rachel grumbled,with the pillow over her head."Mom I Dont Wanna Go To School."
    "You have to."A soft voice said to her.It was her mother,Andrea.
    "I have to?"Rachel sat up.
    "Yes,Sweetheart,"Her mother patted her hand."Get up,and ready."She left the room and left Rachel.Rachel slowly got up and ready.Brushing her teeth,putting on clothes,fixing her hair,and everything a girl has to do in the morning.Her mom gave her a kiss on the forhead,and off Rachel went.Running as fast as she could,She stopped in front of her school,panting.She walked in and went to her first class.
    "Good morning,everyone."The teacher's voice seemed very sing-songy.Rachel rolled her eyes and The teacher continued,"We have a new student.His name is Jake."
    The tall boy stood next to the short teacher.Rachel wasnt paying attention,until the teacher called Rachel's name."Rachel?Whats this boy's name,If you were truly paying attention?"
    Rachel's eyes shot up and looked straight into the boy's eyes.Jake grinned,and Rachel looked at the teacher."J-Jake."She looked back down,and blushed from embarresment.Jake was still looking at Rachel,and thenhe looked at the teacher.Smiling,Rachel looked back at the teacher,"I was paying attention."
    The teacher frowned,while the whole class giggled.Jake was laughing a bit too."Jake."The teacher said,angrily.Jake nodded,"Y-yes s-sir?"His voice made Rachel look up.
    "Hes speaking."She thought,smiling.
    "Go sit over...."The teacher pointed to the back of the room."Next to Layla."
    Everybody gasped,but Rachel's mouth hung open.Layla was the most meanest girl in the whole school."Shes not gonna steal Jake."She thought,competitvely.She did kind og like Jake though,not even knowing him.Maybe it was the looks?It was something different.
    "Hey hey sweetheart!"Layla's voice said to Jake as Rachel turned around.
    "Uh,Its Jake."Jake corrected.
    Jake rolled his eyes,and the teaching began,Rachel turned around and smiled a weak smile.
    Rachel slumped in her seat as the teacher talked. She groaned and banged her head on her desk several times .
    "Everything O.K Rachel?"The teachers voice made Rachel look directly up.Her brown hair was in her face.She blinked her bright green eyes,and said slowly,"Yes."
    When the class finished,Rachel walked to her next period.Lunch."Finally,Something utterly interesting."Jake said,behind her.Rachel jumped and turned around.Her green eyes went big."Hey,dude."She greeted.
    Jake nodded and his blond hair moved side to side,"Hello...Um,Your Rachel right?"He asked,cocking his head to the side.
    "Mmmhmm.And you must be Jake.And I must be stating the obvious."She smiled a weak smile.She didnt like smiling much.
    "Hey,Wanna help me with History?Today at my house?"
    Rachel's cheeks turned bright pink,and she replied,"Y-yeah,Of course."
    Jake smiled widely,"O.K."
    Rachel and Jake sat next to each other but Layla ruined the moment.She squished next to Jake,And Jake wrapped his arm around Rachel to move.Sucessfully they did and he let Rachel go.
    Then Layla groaned,''Why wont you let me talk to him?"She growled at Rachel.Rachel smiled a really wide smile."Uh,'Cause we just met.Plus he needs help with History,Ms.SmartyPants."
    Layla did the Im-Watching-You sign and walked away.
    "Whats her problem?"Rachel looked at Jake.
    Jake shrugged and chuckled,"I got the looks."
    They both laughed and Rachel smiled after the laughter died.She did think he had the looks.Giggling a bit,they began eating their lunch,while a jealous Layla watched them.Rachel winked at her,and mouthed the words,"Oh wow.Stop watching."
    "Okay,So now that we're done,what do you wanna do?"Jake asked Rachel when they finished learning a bit.
    "Hm,Wanna go to the park?Its Only Four."She replied,getting up.She was in Jake's house.
    Jake nodded and stood,"Yeah,Lets go."
    As they walked to the park,they were laughing and 6alking.Rachel started to like Jake.
    He stole my heart,And im gonna steal his too.She thought with a smile on her face.
    Jake smiled back as if he read her thoughts.
    They sat on the swings,and Rachel's hair began blowing softly.It looked a bit cloudy and a bit cold.
    Rachel shivered,"I-Its so c-cold..."She said.She shook her head,in her thick sweater.
    "Here,Take my sweater,"Jake said suddenly behind Rachel.He took off his sweater and gave her it."Better?"
    Rachel blushed and nodded."T-Thanks Jake."
    "No Prob'."He replied with a grin.
    They stayed at the park until 11 o' clock,Since it was Friday.Walking Back,Rachel tripped.It was super dark."You O.K?"Jake asked , a bit alarmed.He helped her up,and his lips were about 3 inches away from her lips.Looking away,Rachel smiled and laughed nervously."I-Im fine."She replied,still in his warm arms.
    "O.K....But...I just noticed you have very pretty lips....."He said,looking deeply into her eyes.
    Rachel blushed a delicate pink,"Yours arent so bad,either."She said.Their voices were a whisper.
    "I wonder when pretty lips connect....."Said Jake thoughtfully.
    Rachel's eyes went wide,"Uh,Seri-"She got interupted.
    Jake's lips connected to Rachel's.And Rachel pulld him closer.
    He pulled back,and smiled,"I dont think i wonder anymore...But I wonder if it'll get better,"
    Rachel smiled and got walked home by him.
    Jake kissed her once again,and smiled,"Thanks."
    Jake left and Rachel walked inside.
    "Mom!"She said in a sing-songy tone.
    No Answer.
    "Sleeping.Oh well,"She danced up to her room and twirled around.She fell on the bed an giggled."I wonder."She giggled once more and fell asleep.