• I bet, at whatever points of your life, you’ve been lonely. You’ve been angry. You’ve been upset.
    You take things for granted, don’t you? I know you do; friends, money... life.
    Don’t try to tell me you’ve had your fair share of s**t.
    I’ve known anger to such a degree I wanted to burn, kill and destroy the entire population and the planet you call home.
    I’ve known desolation so intense I thought I would curl up in a ball and decay. Not that it matters.
    And I’ve known sorrow so painful I only wanted to cry out, to be held, to be soothed and told that everything was going to be alright. Anything to stop the aching dullness from swallowing me whole.
    You’ve told people to burn in Hell. You wished someone would die. You think you’ve hurt someone so badly the damage could never be repaired.

    Death. Pure, plain, simple death would be a welcome release. Simple pain I would gladly be dished a thousand times over. But actual Hell? No. That’s different.

    You could not begin to imagine a place so bleak, so pitiless that it burns just to look at your surroundings. You could not imagine a place where unearthly, terrified guttural screams are heard continually, night and day, non-stop.
    A place so cold and soulless that even God himself does not dare befoul it with His presence. Even He is scared.

    This place is my kingdom. You are welcome to visit... If you never want to leave. I will gladly escort you through my magnificent palace, built upon the very bone marrow of sinners and the screams of little children.

    Welcome to Hell.