• Together we cry
    Together we cry

    Jenny placed her hand on her stomach, tears flooding her eyes as she watched the sun set in the slums of New York. People rummaged through the garbage, wearing only tattered rags to protect themselves from the brutal wind. She had just found out that she was pregnant, and only fourteen. Her boyfriend had left after he found out, and her parents had kicked her out. Now, she sat on the broken steps of her new apartment, directly in the heart of the New York slums. People around here seemed to work so hard, and get nothing in return. As she sat there, hands folded over her stomach, protecting her unborn baby. "I'll name her Hope.' she whispered softly, so none of the people below her, rummaging, would hear. She was too far along to give Hope up, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to, either. Jenny let all her sadness pour out with those tears, a sob escaping her as she curled her hands around her belly, which was already beginning to bulge a bit. She sobbed for her baby, she sobbed for the world. Finally, she opened her mouth and screamed out a sob, shaking and convulsing as she sobbed for what she had lost.

    -7 months later-

    'Jenny sat on the hospital bed, pains wracking her fragile body. Jenny screamed in pain, her hair plastered to her forehead as she creamed and sobbed, contractions wracking her small body. Again, she let out a rasping scream, tugging at the sheets. The doctors worked with her, and finally Hope came into the world, a beautiful brunette baby girl. Jenny clung to her baby, hugging her to her chest tightly, afraid that they would take her only Hope away. '
    Jenny remembered the day she birthed her baby clearly, and now, as she held her baby little mittened hand in her own, she knew that Hope was really made of hope. Her little three four year old stayed happy no matter what they had, or what little they had. Hope made Jenny smile as she screamed with joy and chased after pigeons playing on the grass. Jenny followed, relieved to leave the world's troubles behind for just a moment as she chased her baby girl down the hill.

    Jenny was a poor girl living in a rich world.
    Named her baby Hope when she was just 14
    she was hoping for a better world
    for this little girl
    But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
    When she gets that call, Hope's too far gone
    her baby's on her way

    But nothing left inside, together we cry

    Drew thought about his life, and were he had went wrong. He was a junk head, there was no doubt about it. He really could have gone the whole way, but instead, he had ruined his life. He used to light up the stage, trying to get a record deal. Now, he was lighting up the wrong way, making excuses, sayin' "Something for the pain!" People used to want to see the kid, he was so ******** real, now he's so ******** unreal. Now, he's sitting on the couch, sticking the needle in his arm, well, shoving it in fully. He gritted his teeth in pain, focusing on the thick, deadly liquid inside the needle. It felt so good as he tapped the back of the syringe gently. The drug leaked into his veins and set them on fire, spreading to his arteries and eventually is brain. He convulsed slightly and moaned in pleasure at the familiar internal burn. Needles littered the floor and made him shove the back of the needle harshly, injecting the rest of deadly poison into himself. The phone rang, and he faintly registered that. Little did he know, it was a record company. Even if he did answer, he could not sing, not now, after all the drugs.

    What about the junk head
    Could have gone the whole way
    Lighting up the stage trying to get a deal
    Now he's lighting up the wrong way
    "Something for the pain!"
    Man you wanna see this kid
    He's so ******** unreal
    When he gets that call, he's too far gone
    To get it together to sing one song

    They won't hear tonight
    The words of a lullaby
    Together we cry,
    Oh we cry, we cry, we cry
    Together we cry
    Oh we cry, we cry, we cry

    Mary sighed as she climbed up the steps to her run down apartment. The older woman gazed out at the sky, wondering where she had went wrong. Then, she remembered. How could she ever forget. She married, had kids, had two cars. Then, her husband hit the jar and she was left with only one check. And her kids left her to find their own world. This all upset her terribly, and left her poor, alone. Could you believe that she wanted to be a politician, wanted to help women everywhere. Now, she sat on the steps of a rundown building, the building where her house was located. And, she began to cry, sobbing loudly, letting the world hear her. Gawd, she needed a cry.

    Oh, Marys ambitious
    Wanted to be a politician
    She been dreaming about it since she was a girl
    She thought that she'd be
    the one to change the world
    Always trying to pave the way for women in a... man's world
    But life happened, house kids, two cars
    Husband hits the jar, cheques that don't go very far now
    Now she in it, can't change it
    She keeps her mind on her wages
    The only rattling cages

    Together we cry
    Together we cry

    There's so mach sad, gonna flood the ocean
    We're all in tears for a world that's broken
    Together we cry

    There comes a time when every bird has to fly
    At some point every rose has to die
    It's hard to let your children go
    Leave home, where they go
    Who knows!?
    Getting drunk, gettin' stone, all alone
    Teach a man to fish
    You'll feed him, never lie
    You show your kids the truth, hope they never lie

    Instead of reading in a letter that they've gone to something better
    "Bet you're sorry now! I won't be coming home tonight."
    I'm sick of looking for those heroes in the sky
    To teach us how to fly, together we cry
    Together we cry, together we cry

    We Cry - The Script