• Once upon a time in a far away kingdom lived a girl name Katie,but Katie was no ordinary girl. She was a princess, the princess of Amrtin the most powerful kingdom in the world. She lived with her mother and father of course but the good times were not to last ,with evil invading the land her father left for war.Her mother had to take over the throne until her father could come back.They thought that the war would be over quickly ,but it lasted much longer.
    Chapter 1
    One day the princess was down in the garden playing when she hear laughter."Wheres that coming from",She said.hehehe."Who there,"She said.Then out of no were a little light comes .She puts out her hand. The light lands on her hand.It is a fairy. "Hi,"said the fairy"My name is Rosy ,what is yours."My names is Katie,"she said."Cool, what a be my friend,"said Rosy ."Ok " said Katie.
    The next day she came down to the garden to play with Rosy."Rosy",called Katie."Boo! " said Rosy. Katie turned around."Katie I want you to meet a very special friend of mine,"said Rosy ," Ooohhh Michelle ..."A splash of water in the pond behind her.She turned around.Sitting behind her was a mermaid with reddish brownish hair ,green eyes ,and a red tail with orange on the end the tail ."Hi I'm Michelle princess of the mermaids," said Michelle."Our a princess too," said Katie. "Princess of the mermaids to be exact." said Michelle."Ok,Princess of the mermaids,"Katie said."I think you guys are going to be good friends some day,"Rosy said.
    "Rosy, Michelle" called Katie. "What,"said Rosy. Rising from a flower."I stayed up way late last night , the fairies and the mermaids had a party." "Wheres Michelle ?"asked Katie,"She proble still a sleep ," said Rosy."Whell can you get her up ,"Katie said."Fine,"said Rosy jump in to the water.When she came back up Michelle was with her."Whats so important Katie?"said Michelle."My mother is making me leave for princess school,"said Katie,"she said since I'm eight years old I have to go to Princess School ". " Whelle why do you have to go,"said Michelle. "Because it is every princesses duty,"Katie said. "Every princesses duty!"said Michelle in a mad tone!"Whelle yes,"said Katie
    "Every land princesses duty"."Oh!That makes sence ,"said Michelle look sad",when do you leave. "Katie said",Tomorrow at ten."
    The Next Day
    "Bye" said Katie to Rosy and Michelle."Do you have to leave,"said Rosy balling her eyes out. "I came home for Christmas," said Katie hugging her friends good bye and getting in the carriage. "Well miss you,"Yelled out Rosy and Michelle.