• I'm sorry. But I'm just tired of some stupid a** people on this stupid a** site. I'm quieting Gaia. After having some of my stories deleted again, I've finally decided to give it up. I'm sick and tired of some lifeless people going around and deleting other peoples work. I'm sorry for just doing this rather randomly. I used to say that I would never let a smaller person take me down, but I've finally had enough. Screw it. So ******** all you haters who spend all their useless time going around and trying to find s**t that isn't even yours to turn in, when other people actually like it. So ******** you. Get a life.
    Thank you.
    {P.S. The person who's deleting my stories seriously needs to do something with their life. And by the way, I'm not running away from you, a*****e. I'm simply just tired of hearing it. So ******** off.}