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    I pulled at the skirt again, trying to pull it down a little. “Come on girls!” Piper yelled and all the cheerleaders including me skipped out into the gym for the basketball game. Stop fussing Ivy I thought to myself as I let the skirt fall out of my hand and lay smoothly on my thigh. “READY.”

    “RIBBET RIBBET RIBBET!” We all cheered back. Then the team ran in to practice, I watched Mason as he ran in dribbling a ball. Focus Ivy I mentally scolded myself. We all ran to the other side of the gym to entertain the audience while the basketball team practiced. “We are the bullfrogs when they shoot we jump so high! We could touch the sky!” We all cheered together. Piper signaled me with her finger twirling it around. I ran forward slightly and did a quick round-off and the crowd clapped wildly.

    “What’s that I hear,” Piper said “It sounds like T.J Bullfrogs mascot! BULLY THE BULLFROG!” Just then a kid dressed in a frog suit ran out. “LET’S HEAR IT FOR BULLY!” Piper shouted rousing the crowd as they cheered. Music blasted through the speakers as bully started to break dance in the middle of the gym as the team stopped to watch. I waited for Pipers signal, what would happen was the rest of us would run forward do a round- off and then back flip into the team while Piper climbed onto Bully the bullfrog’s shoulders and then back flipped off. Then the game would start. I watched as Piper stared at Bully, this was a new cheer. Suddenly Piper grabbed me and whispered “Y-y-you do it”

    “Me? But I-

    “You can do it go!” She said. She switched spots with me and gave the signal. The rest of the cheerleading squad ran forward as I ran a second later and stood on Bully’s shoulders. I looked over the gym as he lifted me off the ground. Mason stared at me with wide eyes, Tammy and Melody who sat in the bleachers did the same. I took a deep breath and jumped off his shoulders. Pushing myself back in the air until I was standing upright I landed on the gym floor, my new white sneakers landing with a thud. The crowd went wild! Hooting and cheering filled the gymnasium. Then the opposing team came jogging in. The cheerleaders ran off the court and onto the bottom bleacher. “That was amazing Ivy!” Piper said walking over to sit next to me. “I don’t know what happened I looked at Bully and I just couldn’t do it.”

    “It’s ok Piper,” I said as we made a basket.

    “Dribble it pass it we got a basket” The cheerleaders sang.
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    At half time we ran back onto the court with Bully. We did a series of flips and cartwheels then the team came back on and sat on the bench. It was time for the pick a cheerleader thing. Well each basketball player would come on the court and choose a cheerleader, and then we were all to learn a dance that each of us would be doing to entertain the crowd and keep them awake and blah blah blah. The team ran onto the court and Mason instantly ran over to me. The valentine’s dance tango played in the background as everyone started. “That was impressive,” Mason said smiling at me

    “What was?” I asked as he spun me around.

    “You back flipping off of Bully the Bullfrogs shoulders. I don’t know what you think but Mike Evers is a little tall,” He said smiling crookedly.

    “It was fun,” I said my cheeks burning a dark pink. Then the song ended and the team was about to run back over to the bench to wait. Mason kissed me softly just before the team turned. My cheeks turned bright scarlet as he turned to join the team. I ran back and sat down again next to Piper my mind spinning.

    “I’m sorry about what I said at the dance,” Piper said taking me off guard. “I was really rude and I probably sounded like a b***h. But I’m sorry,” She said nodding.

    “It’s ok” I said taking myself off guard. But I could sense she meant it and that was good enough for me.

    The game was over we won! I walked out into the chill autumn air with Mason by my side. The Moon broke through the clouds shining down upon this perfect moment. Stars twinkled brightly in the sky. Mason pressed his lips against mine making the moment absolutely perfect. All I could think about was him, all I could feel were his lips pressing lightly to mine. I could hear the pounding of his heart as it sped up, I could feel mine doing the same.
    “Mason” Someone yelled. We broke apart unwillingly to see Brian running up.

    “Always interrupted or late never a moment to ourselves,” Mason said pulling me closer as he called “What?” To his best friend.