• “It’s not over
    I can’t promise anything, but I know deep in my heart this isn’t finished.” These were her final words as she entered the battlefield. With one last glance over her shoulder, she disappeared into the heave smoke and was swallowed.
    “I wish she wouldn’t make this choice in every one of her lives.”
    “Well what can you expect her to do? This is her home. And it has been for most of her lives.”
    “But nothing! Come on we have to at least try to help her.”
    “What does it matter? We already know what is going to happen. Why replay it over and over again?” Kit tugged his fingers through his knotted hair and closed his eyes.
    Joey put a hand on his shoulder and said, “I know I hate seeing this happen to her over and over again but is it better to know that you did what you could or to live with not doing anything. Remember last time.”
    Kit shuddered at the memory. “I don’t want there to be another time like that again.”
    “Well then you better get your pretty ass up boy cuz you ain’t gunna do her no good if you sit around feelin’ sorry for yourself.”
    Kit was startled be this new voice. Looking up for its owner he saw Ray. “Well if it isn’t ol’ Sting Ray with her southern accent and her immortal crew. Good to see you.”
    Ray clasped her hand with Kit’s and helped him up. “Boy, have you gotten prettier as the lives go by, my word.” She laughed and sobered up. “Now joke aside. I have some information that I thought you just might like to know.”
    Hesitantly Kit asked, ”What good is it and how much is it going to cost me?”
    Ray threw back her head and laughed. “Nothin’ boy nothin’. I know how much you love that girl and I know how long you have been chasin’ her soul. So it’s for free.”
    “All right then, out with it!”
    “Well…I know you ain’t gunna like this but your gunna have to apologize to her father. He is the one who put the curse upon her in the first place.”
    “Should have known a Cromwell was behind this!”
    “But Kit remember you have to amend for what you did and take the consequences.”
    Kit sigh, slumped, and rubbed his thumb over his lower lip. “I’ll do it, just show me how.”
    Ray smiled coolly and said, “She better be worth it boy cuz this ain’t gunna be easy.”
    Kit nodded, picked up his gun, and look up at Ray with a determined look in his eye. “I am ready.” He strode forward and like Charlie was swallowed by the smoke.