• Prologue
    Once, when the earth was still only young, it had flourished with beauty and simplicity. Humankind lived in harmony with the animals and the deities They had known all the secrets of the world and the universe, and how to grow their own food, and harvest it at just the right time. They were taught how to use magic by the Deities. There were two rulers of humankind, not the most beautiful, or the most intelligent. But the most worthy to lead the humans, and to talk with the deities. The deities would provide whatever they asked for, to provide for the needs of all. The leaders never asked for anything purely for themselves. However, they were not liked by all. There were jealous humans that had plotted to kill the two rulers.
    "Why is it they who lead us? They are not pretty or handsome, or clever. Infact, they are ugly and stupid."
    "Why is it that they can have whatever they want? We want things too."
    " Why are they the only ones to parley with the gods? They are not worthy."
    And so it was that the plan to kill the two honest and worthy leaders was put into action.
    The two leaders, a girl and a boy, so young in age, the girl with rosy red hair, and a beautiful smile that would light up anyone’s day. And the boy, whose acceptance and honesty would never tell a lie. They played in the field with the younger child-like deities, with all the other children of the town, and were having fun and laughing! Then it happened, the adults of the village, so full of rage and hate, quickly gathered up their children. Only the two child leaders were left. And as the Adults Stung their enchanted bows, the two children held hands, closed their eyes, And cried. They prayed for the world, as the arrows pierced through their chests. The Gods saw this. The children left their parents side, to go to the leaders side. Which the adults could not see, The Children loved their leaders so much. The Adults were confused.
    "Here, Hannah, come back to mommy"
    “Hey, George, come back to dad, yeah?"
    "This all for your own sake children!" The adults were pleading for their children to come back to them. It was failing to work.
    "Mommy, why did you do this to Katya?"
    “I hate you Dad. Go to hell"
    "Why did Michael Have to die?" All the children were crying and sobbing, and shouting. They would refuse to come back. And one by one, they each laid down by Katya and Michael.
    The gods then showed themselves to the adults.
    "You have disgraced the name of Humankind. You are henceforth banned from this place, and all of your knowledge will cease to exist." The gods stood around the children, and started to make the earth tremble. The land split, the gods and the children started to move underground.
    "Wait, where are you taking our children?" One Woman screamed from the crowd of people. That started the adults screaming for their children, who were standing with their backs to their parents.
    "We are taking your children somewhere where they will not be tainted by your ideas and cruel ways." And so it was, they disappeared under the ground. Never to be seen again. That night the earth burned. The humans were now little more than hairless apes. They woke up to a desolate wasteland. They now knew nothing but fear and loss.
    This was the Divine Punishment.