• “Is it me, or did Akira just kiss you back there?” Iruka asked while driving away from the studio.
    “It’s just you!” I yelled irritated of the situation.
    “I’m sure.” He began to laugh out loud.
    “Whatever.” I pouted and looked away to outside of my window.
    After a couple more minutes of driving, we finally arrived at our residence, we noticed someone lurking by our gates. Not even the paparazzi know where we live since we move places a lot. They’ve decided to just give up and try to catch me wherever they could at the most. Iruka took off his wig and gave me a wig as well. Why do I need a wig? All I need are glasses...
    “Put on this wig and sunglasses. Stay in the car.” Iruka instructed. I did what I was told, just in case. But still…I felt like a helpless little girl, so I put on the blonde wig and glasses, and stepped out of the car.
    “Why are you here?” I heard Iruka ask.
    “I…I wanted to see you! I…” They stopped talking once I stepped beside Iruka.
    “Is she your girlfriend?” It was Chitose. Wow, she really didn’t notice me. I feel even more accomplished as an actress, I smiled secretly.
    “If I say yes, will you leave me alone?” He replied coldly. I could see tears well up in her eyes. This felt like a TV drama or something related in that way.
    “Ryo…” I cleared my throat. He didn’t look at me straight, so I walked over and tilted his chin upwards so I could see into his eyes. I smiled to him.
    “You say you don’t like her…but you could never lie seriously to me.” I whispered only for his ears. His eyes widened.
    “Sayu…!” He said through his teeth. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his arm to turn him around quickly. I smiled to Chitose.
    “You shouldn’t go home crying. Why don’t you come inside and freshen up!” I rushed over and grabbed Chitose’s arm as well and led them both inside.
    “Please have a seat Chitose! I’ll have Ryo prepare you something.” I smiled and dragged him into the kitchen next.
    “What are you doing?!” He shouted in a hushed tone.
    “Oh stop it will you? Why do you keep rejecting that girl? She likes you, and you’re not even that older than her. So why not go for it…you need to take a chance.” I said as I prepared the drinks and snacks for them.
    “And what if this turns out to be real? What would I do then? I don’t like dating, because of my job…”
    “When that time comes, then we’ll see. But for now, enjoy this moment. You deserve it! Now go out there and if she asks, I’m your cousin!” I pushed him out and he stumbled as he sat down next to her. I came in afterwards and gave them the refreshments.
    “Well, I must be going now. I think I’ll go for a walk, just like this so DON’T WORRY!” I said with a smile and walked to the door. With a mischievous small laugh, I hid behind the corner to ease drop. I needed to know if he was going to go through with it.
    “Don’t mind my meddling cousin just now…” He said first. How rude!
    “She seems really nice…with the way you’re dressed Ryo, I thought you were a host or something…” I bit my lip from not laughing.
    “I…I would never be a host! This…this get up is because my job, the attire is all formal.”
    “I see…” She said softly.
    “Chitose, why did you come here? It’s late for you to be out by yourself.”
    “I came, because I needed to see you. I wanted to say that even if you already had a girlfriend…I wasn’t going to give up this time. See, my first love…didn’t turn out so well. I’ve always admired him, but in the end, I just couldn’t do it because he had already had a girlfriend. Whenever I think about it, I thought that maybe if I tried harder, I would have had a chance. So this time, with you, I’m definetly not going to give up!” I smiled. If it’s her, I’m sure she would make Iruka happy.
    “But…I’m already married.” Iruka said calmly. Wow…
    “What?!” Chitose shouted. Suddenly, Iruka began laughing. My eyes widened, I’ve never heard him laugh like this before…
    “Of course I’m just kidding.” He continued.
    “Why you…!”
    “I admire you Chitose, so come at me with all you’ve got. I’d like to see you make me fall in love with you.” My expression became flat; he truly is a playboy at heart. I sighed and headed out the door for that walk I was talking about. Since I couldn’t really drive, I took the bus back to the city.

    After getting dropped off, I walked down the streets. Every lamp was lit, and there were a lot of people walking back and forth. I’ve never walked in the streets or even the sidewalks before. It felt weird, but exciting at the same time.
    “Kyaa! Look, they’re showing a preview of Hearts Forever!” I heard some people talking. I looked up at the big screen on top of the building in the middle of the sidewalks people watched above. I watched as well.
    “Look, there’s the beauty of the whole school!” It was my character Youko walking through the halls.
    “I bet you’re surprised to have been approached by me, but I was wondering if you’re…”
    “I’m sorry I’m not interested.”
    “I love you, why can’t you see that?!” I didn’t know I could cry so brilliantly.
    “I’m here for you.” It ended with Akira hugging me.

    I had to admit, Akira was a great actor. I sighed, about to continue walking. But before I could, someone wrapped their arms around my waist in the back. I couldn’t see them, I wanted to scream but that would cause a commotion.
    “Pretend you’re my woman, those guys to the right of you were about to come and hit on you.”
    “Just like you are right now?” I asked.
    “I would never hit on such an unpleasant woman who only knows how to back talk.” I turned around quickly and saw a guy dressed in a hat and shades. I narrowed my eyes.
    “So it seems we’re both in disguises.” I walked away, he followed in step.
    “I’m sorry, have we met?” He asked.
    “Your looks seep through your get up, your voice sounds the same, and you’re always out to tease me. The question is, how did you know it was me?” I asked.
    “By coincidence really, I happened to e watching the preview as well, and you just so happened to be who I looked at when I turned my head.” He explained.
    “Well whatever, please leave me alone.” I said, and walked faster. He chuckled and walked with me.
    “It’s late, you shouldn’t walk alone. Why are you out here anyway? Don’t you usually travel by car? I always see you arrive to the studio by car, and you also leave by car too. As a matter of fact, where’s that manager of yours?”
    “It’s none of your business, why are you out here?” I was irritated. He took long to answer, I looked up at him and his expression was all serious.
    “I had a job nearby, but I skipped out on it. I decided that I didn’t want to go.”
    “Were you scared?” I teased him.
    “It’s not that…it’s because I’ve decided that I want to quit being a model.” I stopped and looked at him. He stopped as well.
    “What?” He looked at me. I grabbed his arm and dragged him to a secluded area.
    “Are you insane?!” I asked furiously.
    “What are you talking about?” He sighed.
    “You’re Akira! The most wanted model ever! Started working the same age I did! How could you throw all that away?!”
    “That’s the thing; I’ve worked in this business all my life. As a child star yourself, don’t you feel tired of it already?” He looked at me, I looked away.
    “I’m not going to quit until…”
    “Until what?” He asked.
    “Nothing, never mind. I need to leave already before Iruka gets worried about me.” I ran off faster than he could catch me.
    “Wait a minute!” He shouted after me, soon his shouting began to fade.