• (Sight Beyond The Grave)

    There's nothing like seeing a gaping wound, a bone sticking out of someones arm, or the pastey white of human skin. It leaves behind chills that strike the marrow of your bones. Well, it would have that effect to those that do not see the paranormal. I cannot say that it frightens me, but that's only because I've lived with this vision since my birth on April 17th, 1989.

    Somehow, I find the spirits that are locked between three parallel worlds fascinating while countless others refuse to acknowledge their presence. It's because of that fascination that I constantly search for individuals like; people who understand the dead, see the dead, and feel the dead.

    On my 17th birthday, I found that special group; a group that I could definitely fit in. Together, we call ourselves 'Quad Force.' My name is Jammie Garland Foster, and I formed this little investigation team to bring aid to those that are lost, frightened, and misunderstood. This goes for us mortals and for the spiritual beings that still roam the earth.

    With the help of Flitch Jaquez (the group tech), Allie Waker (the group researcher and case finder), and Isac Gayden (the group seeker) I believe we'll reach our goal of peace and tranquility.