• NOTE- i might not have PERFECT spelling. And it my be short i just wanna see if people would want more.

    Chapter One

    I woke up to the bright sun shinning through the window. In to my now empty room. It was quite. I was scared to go to Dallas with my dad. It wouldnt be the same with out my mom. She had to stay.

    So I got up slowly and got dressed. I got in to my yellow sun dress and but my bleached hair back. With My ONE yellow highlight down. and got my white flip-flops on. I then walked slowly down the stairs with my purse. Almost happy. But then it hit me. [iI was leaving. My friends. My dog. Everything. My whole life. was gone. I had moved plenty of times. And everytime we got to our new home i was told "Don't worry. THIS is our new home.] It never was. We always moved again. This was my 5th time moveing. All because my dad was in the Cost gard. I NEVER got the chance...

    Never...One chance...

    Never did i get one chance. To live my dream. And when i was close. We moved. Ahh... My dream. To one day sing for thousands of fans at concerts every night.

    "Jamie..Hurry up. Your Dad is waiting outside in the car!"My step dad who i called Scott, He was more my youth Group leader then anything.
    "COMEING"I shouted back. Knowing thi swas the last time i would be back. Here. In MY room.

    I went outside to the car. And got in.