• Amaya walked back through the woods. She poked her head through the familiar trees and there it stood. Tall and graceful, Hideo's palace. She walked through the field, the tall grass scratched against her pants. She walked across a huge wooden draw bridge. Her once purple hair, which was now a beautiful honey blond, flew around her head as a gently breeze caressed her face. She knocked on the huge wooden door. She could here it echo through out the castle. She stood there waiting. The door opened moaning in protest, Dai stepped in front of the massive door. His eyes widened. He gazed into her once purple eyes, which were now a beautiful shade of blue. His expression was surprised. He stared for a while. "Hello" Amaya said finally breaking the tensionous stare. Dai cleared his throat. "Um, hello, can i help you?" Dai replied stumbling over his words. Amaya nodded.
    "I am here to recruit myself, to your army, if you need another recruit?" Amaya said she started stumbling over her own words and he gave her a look of "Why the hell would a girl want to join?".
    "Certainly, please tell me your skills." Dai asked polite and mannered.
    "Stealth, High-tech weaponry..." She rambled on and on and Dai gave her a surprised-awed look every time she said something.
    "...and thats all." She finished.
    "Wow." Was all that Dai replied. Amaya smiled and looked down blushing. Dai shook his head to clear it, and he cleared his throat.
    "What is your name?" He asked. Amaya swiftly looked up.
    "Um..." She quickly stumbled. "Amy" She replied fast enough so she wouldn't rise any suspicion. Dai slowly walked around her giving her glances up and down on her sides her back and her front. He looked up from her feet and said. "Welcome to our company Amy." He smiled kindly and held out his hand. "Would you like me to show you around?" He asked. Amaya looked at his hand then to his face. His expression was soft, and inviting, no tension. She gently took his hand.
    "Please." She said and walked into the palace with Dai. Amaya was astonished by the amazing paintings and beautiful tapestries, they hung proud and true. She looked over at the dining room, it was bigger then she had expected and there were a few handsome young men setting the tables, they looked up and gave her "once overs". One of them seemed as if he was getting the courage to go talk to her, but he cowarded out. She felt her face redden. She continued walking with Dai, they walked down a long hallway full of doors, bedrooms, she guessed. Dai stopped at one door at the very end of the hallway. He pointed to a door, the only door in the entire hall with a tapistry on it. "This is my room." He spoke, he pointed to a room beside his. "This is yours." He said looking at her then walking toward the door, he put his hand on the door knob, turned it, with a high pitched squeeking sound, the door opened. The room was small, but a good size. The room looked as if it had been made for a girl before. The light red curtains waved as a breeze gently blew at them. The bed had light red covers with flowers on it, the pillows were a darker shade then the cover with gold embroidery. "Wow" Amaya smiled and looked at Dai. He looked down at her. She saw something gleam in his eye but couldnt tell what it was. Then he started to blush and swiftly looked away. Cautiosuly she took her hand and placed it on his cheek, she gently pulled his face back to look at her, she smiled and stood on her tipy toes. Dai seemed to lean down with an urgency. "Hey!!" Amaya dropped from her toes and dropped her hand, and looked at the man who intruded the moment. It was the same guy who looked as if he wanted to talk to her. She looked at him then looked at Dai who looked angry. "Hello Nick." He said grimly. "Helllo Dai." He looked at Amaya "Who is this ?" Dai sighed.
    "Amy, Nick, Nick, Amy." He rolled his eyes at Nick.
    He noticed some kind of emotion rolling off Dai. He grinned. He reached out, grabbed Amaya's hand, and gently kissed it. "Hello." He looked up at Dai and the grin reappeared. "Is Dai jealous?...Of him??!!" She thought to herself. She stood there in the uncomfortable silence, watching the guys stare each other down.