• I'm dreaming. Was the first thought that entered Axels mind after opening his eyes. Destiny Island, around twilight, when he had just been in the World That Never Was. “Hiya sleepyhead!”

    “Yeah, you're finally up!” now he was sure he was dreaming. It was Roxas and Xion, and they were dead. “Yeah, so?”

    “now we can play tag.” Xion said happily.

    “At twilight?”

    “its not twilight yet.” Roxas pointed out
    “alright smart-a**. I guess that makes me it” Axel got up and Xion gave a playful scream as she turned to run with Roxas running after her.

    The two ran up the “staircase” of trees leading to a cavernous tunnel with Axel following. The slightly damp coolness of the tunnel washing over them and sending a chill down Axels spine as they ran through. The red-head began to believe that this was real and what actually happened was just a bad dream.

    Until his footsteps started to sound like they were over flooring instead of rock and found himself in a darkened gray hallway that almost looked like it belonged in Hollow Bastion 'what the hell?' he slowed down. “Don't stop, you don't belong here.” Xion said from somewhere ahead of him. Roxas grabbed Axels wrist to keep him moving along the hallway. Xion opened a door at the end of it and walked in with the males following.

    The kamikaze attack he had done in order to save everyone flashed in his mind. He had known it would've killed him, but he did it anyway. Xion opened a trap door in the middle of the room as Roxas let go of his wrist and he walked up to it and looked down.

    His unconscious body lay on a bed in the castles infirmary, slowly beginning to fade while Zexion and Vexen worked to save him. “Someone still needs you.” Axel looked up at Xion, now in a black dress sort of like Tinker Bells arrival dress.


    “you can find out.”

    “I'm not going back without you two.”

    “you have to.” Roxas went and pushed Axel, who tried to keep his balance as Xion pulled on his jacket sleeve, causing him to fall through the door.

    Axels body began to heat back up as he stopped fading, the coldness of the metal bed being instantly identifiable. His limbs tingled as feeling returned and his breathing steadied, whatever was being said by the two above him sounding far away and filtered through water, gradually becoming clear. He opened his eyes, trying to lift his arm to shield himself from the light, but it felt heavy. Two forms were above him, one moving away as they became distinguishable “Axel? You ok?”

    He tried to say something but couldn't find his voice, instead nodding a little. 'You tell me' he thought, wanting to tell the slate-haired male looking at him, it'd have to wait till he asked again. Zexion began to walk away and Axel closed his eyes again, even if it probably wasn't the best idea to fall asleep, he was tired and didn't care right now.

    Zexion approached Saix, who was halfway across the room “I can't tell you how or why he stopped fading, but...” he shook his head a little “I'm not sure hes going to make it through the night, even if he does it'd probably be best to induce a coma because of how he is.”

    “yeah” Saix nodded. He went to leave the room as Zexion walked away. Axel had never liked to stay still when he was in the infirmary, even if he had broken bones. He stopped right outside the door and looked at the blond, who was once again the only female, “they're not sure if he'll survive the night, if he does he'll be in an induced coma.”

    “ok” she had looked at him when he spoke and now looked back down at the floor

    “you should try and get some sleep tonight.”

    “I know. I'll go soon.” she listened to his footsteps quiet as he walked away. She sat there for a few more moments before getting up and going to her room.

    Larxene sat in her room at her desk writing in her journal, fighting the sleep that threatened her. She soon finished and yawned, getting up to get ready for bed.