• Nathon Power's Journal Entry #17
    March 24, 2010

    tab When I walked into the our room upstairs, Jenna was already sitting on the bed, almost as if she was anticipating me. I sighed, and walked around her, sitting myself down on the other side. We didn't say anything for a minute, just vacantly stared off in opposite directions. I thought of everything that had happened to me, to us, to everyone in the past two weeks, and how it all added it up to this. Before than, my life was normal. Two weeks...Just two weeks can throw all the normal in your life out the window.
    tab Jenna interrupted my thoughts, as she finally spoke up after around two minutes of silence,
    tab "You want to know more about me, don't you?" I jumped at the sound of her voice, and for a second, I couldn't respond. Then I replied,
    tab "If you're willing to say anything about it, I guess so." She was curled up in a ball on the bed when I looked back at her, her head buried in her knees.
    tab "A couple days ago...When I had that nightmare...You remember that, right?" How could I have not? She had rolled off her bed, and collapsed on me, saying phrases that didn't quite add up.
    tab "Yeah..."
    tab "Well, it was..." She took a deep breath, and then said through a tear stung voice, soft and whispery,
    tab "I can't say." I was confused by this, and asked the obvious, simple question on my mind,
    tab "Why not?"
    tab "Because...because you wouldn't...you wouldn't believe..." Suddenly, the phone rang. I quickly glanced over at it to check the caller ID. I instantly recognized it.
    tab It was my mom.
    tab I picked it up as swift as possible, calling urgently into the phone,
    tab "Mom?!" There was a pause on the other end, and then,
    tab "This isn't your mom, son." A deep, masculine voice, which was not the one I expected. I raised my eyebrows then. I wasn't sure if it was because of curiousity, anger, eagerness, or a mixture of all of that, but regardless of that, I felt my heart pumping as I shouted,
    tab "What?"
    tab "This is the police," were the words he said that I did not want to hear. "We wanted to reach a family member first, but we found that the father is dead. Are you her son?"
    tab "This...this is."
    tab "I've got some bad news for you, son. Your mother has just recently been severely injured in a car crash."
    tab "Did you...did you just say..." I couldn't believe my ears. How many bad things could happen at once? How much more could I bear of it?
    tab "She...may or may not live, depending on how lucky she is."
    tab "Oh my God..." I was pacing the room at this point, trying to calm myself down, trying to see this situation from another angle. It wasn't working. My father was dead...Was my mom soon to follow? The policeman must've heard my heavy breathing from the other end, as he cooed,
    tab "Try to remain calm, and tell me your address." It took me a couple seconds to remember, because I wasn't remaining calm. I took a deep breath, and said slowly,
    tab "Jayfox...6431..."
    tab "All right." The call was ended, and I set down the phone with a trembling hand. I made a death stare at Jenna, who stared down at her pillow uneasily.
    tab "Nathon, I'm sor--" I closed my eyes and hissed,
    tab "Don't say anything!" With that, I stormed out the room, anticipating the arrival of the police.

    tab It took only a matter of three minutes before I heard an incessant pounding on the door. I reluctantly opened it, and floods of people came rushing in. Not just police, but family members who had heard of the event that had happened.
    tab Questions were asked. Journalists were trying to get a scoop, police were trying to find out more about what happened...Apparantly, it wasn't an accident, one told me. And if that were true, that meant...that my mom was trying to commit suicide. If she survived, she'd never be able to live the same way, not to mention the fact that commiting suicide was against the law.
    tab As the day turned to night, it was decided that I'd stay with my Uncle Richard and my Aunt Paulus, on my mom's side. In a typical orphan story, the boy is sent over to their evil relatives, enduring horrible hardships. But with Uncle Richard and Aunt Paulus, I was sad for a very different reason. I guess I technically wasn't an orphan; my mom could still survive, but there was a strong possibility that she wouldn't. Even so, I was sad because I felt...alone. It was a heavy feeling on me, sitting in an unfamiliar car on the way to visit my mom at the hospital, with unfamiliar "parents"...
    tab I looked to the right at Jenna. She was unfamiliar too. Who was she? What was she feeling? Angry? Sad? Happy? I could never tell anymore, and because of that, I could never get "familiar" with her.
    tab And me...Who was I? A hero, a villain...mad, upset...emotional...
    tab I wasn't sure what to think of anything anymore.