• Rogue was a man to be feared most defintely. he had the skill to take down even the most outnumbered fortresses, to kill a predetermined target.. He has many clients but at the same time he has enemies as well. even now as Rogue pulls up in front of a large skyscraper in his black Volshanti Martinez. Rogue then puts a few ammo clips in his suit and holsters the 357. Magnus as he walks away from his car with a lock chirp from it.. he walks into the lobby, enters the elevator by himself, and hits the button for floor 34.

    He knew there was renovations going on the 34th floor. his target was at floor 36 just two floors up. His target was a power mad union boss along with a bonus target the head foreman of the building. As the elevator counts the floors, 16, 24. Rogue pulls his 357. out readies it as the number nears 34. The doors open....

    the elevator opens into a open construction area where Rogue comes out and fires two ear shattering gunshots. in the distance at the end of the room, two men were already dead, arms barely raised, with blood spattered in a rorshach onto the newly hung drywall. the sound of the gun was loud enough to stir the bee's nest, there were henchmen armed with Wada assault rifles. they all rushed in, blasting round after round at the intruder. Rogue then calmed himself as he move around for there was no cover on the level and fired 12 gut blasting rounds, each bullet finding its destination fatally on each target. Rogue then uncliped the empty and placed another one in it. then Rogue fired 8 more resulting in a bloodbath in the room. The drywall was now painted a lovely red.

    Rogue chuckles"Thats a better color than white." As he moved toward the next room, he fired one more shot. This one bursting through the door to the next room with a sound that confirmed the kill. whats that sound you might ask? its either a body hitting the floor or a grunt from the now dead victim lying on the floor beyond the door.

    He proceeds gradually until finally he arrives to the target's location. In a matter of a few seconds, Rogue killed the bodyguards and the targets were now begging for their lives. " Please let us live!" they begged. Rogue enjoyed this part of the job. "No can do. a job is a job. you should have finshed yours" Rogue smirked as he placed the cold steel barrel of the .357 on the quivering foreman's head and pulled the trigger, causing the now dead foreman to hit the floor, the blood had begun to pool already. the Union boss tried to make a run for it.

    But it was too late, the man was already dead and was taking a one way trip to the ground floor for the office had no back wall. Rogue then took out a rag and cleaned his .357 as he rode the elevator down to the lobby. A crowd was gathering around the dead union boss, it proved simple. it seemed like a accident. Rogue entered his black Volshanti and left the scene. As he sped away, he whispered to himself. "another body, another dollar." he smiles as he puts his sunglasses on.