• A young, blonde-haired woman was standing admist the crowd, with an expression of pure horror on her face. This woman is Dawn, the girl that the now deceased couple spoke of. Her mother and father were struck down right in front of her, and all anyone did was watch on and cheer. She knew she had to run, but as the sinking feeling in her chest worsened, all she found she could do was stand helplessly.

    The Talon commander gazed into his adoring crowd, one woman in particular caught his eye. "Got you.", the commander said under his breath. He motioned to a pair of Talon soldiers and pointed out into the crowd, directly at Dawn. "You two, stay here.", he ordered the gold-eyed men. He walked toward Dawn with his men in tow, ready to carry out Nikolai's orders without hesitation.

    Dawn's eyes grew wide with fear. She knew they were coming for her, but where could she run? Her home wasn't safe anymore, and no one would take her in after what had just happened. As she ran through various ideas, a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled hard. Dawn found herself facing a young, brown-haired, green eyed man around her age. A medical eye patch covered his right eye.
    "Come with me." The man said, dragging Dawn calmly, but quickly out of the crowd.
    "Wait, who are you? Where are you taking me?", Dawn inquired.
    "Shut up and keep moving.", the unknown man quickly retorted.
    "L-let me go! I can take care of myself!", Dawn demanded, trying to pull herself away from the man. His grip was like iron.
    "Would you rather take your chances with those Talons?", the man replied. Dawn could think of nothing to say, seeing as how she was indeed better off going with him. The man laughed quietly to himself and said, "That's what I thought. Now keep quiet and move, we're almost out." As they neared the edge of the crowd, the Talon Corps soldiers began yelling at them to stop. The commander stayed silent, as he didn't want to avoid rousing the crowd any more than they already were.

    "Okay. Stay calm. Almost there.", the man told Dawn. Finally they had reached the end of the mass of people in the square. "Alright, now RUN!", the man commanded, bolting out of the crowd and down a nearby side street.
    "HEY! STOP!", a Talon soldier cried out, breaking into a full sprint after them, with his partner and the commander not far behind. Dawn tried to keep up with the man, who seemed to be very quick. He seemed to know his way around the city as well, as he took Dawn down alleys and streets she didn't even know existed. As Dawn rounded the corner the man disappeared, he grabbed her, pulling her in close and covering her mouth with his hand.
    "Quiet.", the man whispered. As he hid her, Dawn noticed several things about the man she didn't notice before. He was at least half a foot taller than her, and he seemed to be quite strong. She looked at his eye patch, but didn't see any sign of injury, so she wondered why the man wore it.

    Once the Talon Corps caught up, they ran right by the pair's hiding spot and continued down the street. The man released Dawn, and sighed a breath of relief. Dawn stared at him, unsure of what to say.
    "Um... thanks for helping me.", Dawn told him.
    "We're not out of the woods yet. You'll probably need a place to stay, right? Follow me.", the man answered as he began walking in the opposite direction as the soldiers.
    "W-wait!", Dawn cried out. The man turned around and gave her a confused look. "Who... what's your name?", Dawn asked. The man laughed quietly and extended his hand in a greeting.
    "The name's Seth."