• Distant first, it grew so immense it could be seen across The Western Empire. Displaying a variety of colors the explosion created a premature dawn. A glowing dust fell from the darkened sky, giving everything a supernatural effect. What the spectators could not hear, or see was the man standing in the center of it all, laughing. His arms held upwards toward the sky, welcoming the disaster to come.

    Three thousand people perished in an unexplainable event. Known as The Hotaru Heisei, for the calm that appeared across the land afterwards. Leading up to horrific events, the calm unprepared the people for the disaster known as The Kin'iro Daisaigai, causing the death toll to sky rocket. No one knows why this happened, or who the man was. All that is known is his name, Kiyoraka Akurei, and he's the reason the world is dying.