• Star ran to meet him, laughing. He kissed her lips, and she sighed. "If only it weren't forbidden," she whispered. He nodded. "Some day we will be together. Some day we will be with each other, with no limits.
    But he was wrong. Star's father's men caught him with her, and he was sent to prison, to be tried by many.
    Star stared out the window of the castle, tears streaming down her face. A servant walked in, and covered her with a cape. Her wings were no longer a brillant white, but a dark black, and they drooped. The woman walked her down the stairs, and she could almost taste the death that waited for her.
    As she walked into the room, she didn't dare lift her eyes to meet his. Her father, the king, spoke. "Zackarius James has done a unforgetable wrong. He was caught with the princess, and for that, he should die. Does the concill have any objections?"
    No one spoke. The young man was sent to the exicutioners room, and Star stood in front of the castle. "If u shall not sp[are him, thern i shall not give in," she said, and ran to the cliff. She threw herself into the water, to her death, and at that moment a star arose from the sea, and flew into the sky, to form a constelation call "Fantasy and Fate".