• Endless Sleep

    As I lay there on my bed, I don’t seem to have much time. After being in this place for over 2 weeks, I see no hope for them finding a cure. I reveal my horrific news to my family and friends. I let my parents know first, as expected my mom started crying and telling herself that there is no way this is reality. I call my friends let them know my illness. Not such of a reaction I was looking for. No one seemed to express much of any feelings but I just accepted it. Maybe I’m not as popular as I once thought. I never seem to connect with much of them anyway.
    It was the next day, one of the worst if you ask me besides dying. It was visiting day, the day everyone gets teary and cries over your misfortune. As I predicted my parents were the first to show, then some close friends, my brother and sister traveled together. While reminiscing of old memories with my brother and sister it was time to take their departure. Then after everyone left and has said their farewells there was one last person to come into the room. It was the girl of my dreams, but she never knew it.
    My heart sank, as I saw her standing there looking at me with a look of deep sorrow. I wanted to tell her how I felt about her but if she returned my feelings then it would be too hard to say goodbye. So we talked for a while and shared perfect memories. It started to get late and she had to go, so she was hinting it to the end of the conversation so she could leave. As she was slowly walking toward the door, I called her name. She turns around as if she knew what I was going to say, with a somewhat happy expression on her face. Then I just turned my head away and looked out the window and told her ‘Never mind’ she looked down and then walked out.
    The first time in my life I came close to telling someone how I felt in my life and I had to let it go. They say ‘If you love something you must let it go’ and that’s exactly what I had to do. As I fell asleep in the hospital bed I woke up, not in the hospital but my own bedroom. It seems to of only been a dream. I believe this is neither dream, nor nightmare but a vision. I need to live everyday like my last, maybe tell ‘Her’ how I feel and spend time with my friends and family. I have to make the most of all my life and take everyone else who wants to come in and join. This was my endless sleep and I hope it never happens again.