• 7. Bill Dream

    “So its looks like we’ve got it made Chad. We got the house and you got the skills. Now all we need is something to happen in that house and for to stay put and we are half a million dollars richer. And if your story gets published, witch I know it will, we might just have to never work another day in our life’s. Just us, the cats, and hopefully a girl friend. You dig Chad?” Caleb said.
    “I dig a hole through the earth I dig so much,” Chad said. “Hopefully I won’t get cabin fever. P.s. last one to do ten push ups makes breakfast!”
    Chad and Caleb hit the floor so fast the Roxy even woke up, now that is a accomplishment. Then for 11 seconds all that was heard was breathing and then Chad hit the floor.
    “I win! And I get strawberries in mine because this is nine in a row!” Chad said.
    “I hate this game I never win!” Caleb said. Chad and Caleb had been playing this game every mourning since they were 12. The result was muscular arms. Chad may have looked like a nerd poster boy but he could practically kill some one in ten good hits.
    Caleb handed him the cereal. “Caleb that is disgusting.” Chad. Chad looked down and saw that Caleb had played the prank of putting strawberries in coco pebbles, and that just doesn’t mix.
    Chad and Caleb decided that to rev Chad up for the challenge they would rent a bunch of scary movies. Chad didn’t feel scared at all. Caleb had decided that Chad was officially fearless. Caleb was wrong.
    Caleb went to his room and went to bed. Chad went to his room and went to bed. Annie went to the house with Roxy and talked. Moe schemed. Kaz stole. And the monster talked and Bill smiled.
    Chad entered his pale room. And when his night vision started to kick in he saw a pale faded room with nothing in it. Then all the sudden Chad fell back and his eyes shut hard. His teeth clenched together. All the sudden his stomach cramped up. And he started sweating. He felt penetrated and nothing would fight this off. He couldn’t scream. He moved rapidly in pain his body stretched out. Then he relaxed and every thing fell and it was black for a half second. Then it faded to red and his body felt warm and his body had an earth quake in side the he couldn’t see or hear.
    Then he saw, he didn’t open his eyes but he saw his room. He didn’t fell. And he heard a piercing hi note that rung constantly.
    Then the corners of the still image of his room that he saw faded to black. And then a curvy black streak emerged out of the upper right corner streaking and moving very strangely. Like on an old game and watch screen.
    Then the face appeared showing teeth and white eyes and pointy ears. And then two hands popped out of each side at the same time. Then a black dot popped out of the white eyes then a white one in that. Then like the frame by frame, game and watch screen. Closer, closer, closer, just the face, black, red, warmth, shiver.

    Chad flopped down on a concrete floor. He looked up and saw a large grey room. There was no light but he could still see the room clearly. The glow seemed to come from this speck in the corner. There was a stair case on the left and there was a stair case on the right. The room was huge. About the size of the city.
    Then an urge made Chad start walking toward the glowing speck. He walked for hours. Then he stopped and he saw a huge mansion. It was glowing blue. He heard the high pitched noise and panicked around the mansion. Then he saw the shadowed frame by frame figure move in front of the mansion. Then it moved back into the staircase on the left. Chad stepped out slowly looking for any sine of danger.
    The mansion was 4 stories tall. It had a beautiful paint coating of light blue. In the front was a lantern like the one on the white house.
    He looked at the glow vibrating from it. He looked colder and he got a puzzled expression. He saw what seemed to be spirits of people coming of the mansion. He stepped closer and he got goose bumps. It was the creepiest feeling Chad had ever had. He looked up from the porch. He thought he saw Caleb then rubbed his eyes and he wasn’t there.
    Then everything enclosed and his body was pushed into the building. He flopped on to the red carpet. The wind was severely knocked out of him. He lifted his he’d up and saw an old fashioned mansion. It was still beautiful. The walls had a beautiful design to them. The roof was painted like it was done by some famous artist. And in the middle was an amazing diamond chandelier. It was huge and lit up the whole room.
    Chad looked forward and saw two staircases on each side. And on the top were the stairs were four doors. They all had fantastic design on them to.
    The whole place felt like heaven. Chad stood to his feet and saw his slender body dressed in a tuxedo. It was black and had a white under shirt.
    Then one of the doors on the top of the stairs opened. A man in ragged close stepped out. He looked very ugly. He had a short beard and a small belly. His hair was short and grey. Chad didn’t say a word. Then the man stepped down the stairs. He took a cigarette out of his mouth and threw it on the ground.
    The whole place spontaneously combusted. And it went out in a flash. Chad looked down at his clothes. They were his pj’s again.
    The house wasn’t burned but it looked terrible. Old and grey. He saw no design and it looked completely different then before. But the man was still standing there.
    “Fire usually puts out the spell,” the man said. “It’s quite special. A man named gage did it for the happiness of his visitors. But me, I always see it like this. I always see you like that. Gage doesn’t like me much but the other guy does. Your brother or cousin whatever has met him I think. I just stay here all the time.” When he said this a chain glowed for a second. “The good news is that I got you to come here.” When he said that he got younger, about 20.
    “Weird,” Chad said. “What am I here for?” When Chad said this, his face turned white. He was scared. Seeing ghost the black shadow and a dude change his age drastically.
    “To get back at you,” the man said. Then Chad jumped back. “I thought it was Kaz but I was wrong. It was you and now you’re going to be here with me forever!”
    The man said this and then bolted toward Chad breaking his nose. Chad tried to remember the karate classes he took as a kid. The man spirited toward him again. This time Chad stepped to the side put his foot behind the mans and slapped his forehead then swept the foot forward and tilted up his knee. It hit the back of the mans head and he fell to the ground unconscious.
    Chad nose hurt terribly, although this was a dream and Chad knew it.
    Chad ran toward the door but a gust of wind hit him. So he figured there must be a back door. Chad ran up the wood stairs and went into the door on the right.
    About five minutes later the man woke up. He had a terrible headache. He got up and went up the left stair case to the door on his left.
    Chad entered the room. He looked at it. It was beautifully decorated like it was in the beginning. He figured the cigarette had only affected one room. Meanwhile he was trying to figure out the spell the guy was talking about. He looked at his suit and then figured out what it was. Then he thought about discos real hard. Then the room was a dance room. He wondered why that gage guy had done this. Then he thought of the blue glow, and it made sense to him. He went into the next door in front of him.
    The man whose name by f.y.i. is bill, saw nothing when he when in his door. It was just pitch black. He walked forward and then jumped to the left and swung with his left hand. He hit his target and the lights turned on. Bill had gone through this course many times before. He then opened the door.
    Chad opened the door and stepped in to water. When he did this his suit converted in to a bathing suit and he got a tank of water to help him self breathe. The ocean behind him looked endless. He looked up and saw that it was a large one too. He didn’t remember the mansion being this big when he was observing it out side. Several large sharks popped up. But Chad remembered every episode of myth busters. So he used his mussel and his amazing accuracy and luck to hit each shark as hard as he could in the nose. He notice that whenever the sharks would start to come up the would slow down. Because Chad kept remembering that some types of liquid make things move slower on myth busters. And then he figured out that he could control the water to. So he turned them in to energy drinks, dropped the air tank and kept swimming.
    Then Chad finally got to the end and found a sword. He grabbed it and walked through to the next door.
    Bill walked into the next door and hit the floor. Then a session of needles flew one inch above him. As I said, he’s been through here many times. Then he looked forward and saw that there was no sword on the end that meant some one had token it on the other end. So bill figured he would need a weapon. So he stuck his hand up and about 15 needles went through it. It hurt insanely but his soul would be eaten alive if he hadn’t.
    Now you’re probably wondering why bill just didn’t turn those needles into licorice. It’s because in the begging he says about gage not particularly liking him. There’s your answer.
    Bill made it to the next door.
    Chad opened the door and all of the sudden was dried of and had on that black suit. He gripped the sword tightly, then looked to his Wright and saw a oversized giant spider. Luckily he thought fast and stabbed the spider, and then it split and became two. Then he cut those up thus resulting in four and so on until he was just stepping on a trillion black specks. Then there was nothing and the sword vanished. Chad continued to the next door.
    Bill sprinted into his door knowing what would happen. He saw the lion on his right side and saw the red eye it had representing a bulls eye. Bill thought fast and came up with a pain full way to get the eye but wouldn’t kill himself. He took the needles stuffed them in his right cheek then put his hand his mouth took a good breath through his nose and waited ‘till the lion was close enough then exhaled thus sending needles flying into the lion. And then proceeded to the second to last room in the whole mansion.
    Chad entered the room and saw bill standing there. They charged forward and smacked each other in the face. Then stepped back.
    “Why did you send me here?!” Chad said.
    “Because you killed my son you no good rotten-“bill went on to call Chad every name in the dictionary and then made up a few-“not to mention you killed me!”
    “Well then why are you standing here?” Chad said clearly confused.
    “Because of you!” Bill said and then took another swing that broke a few of Chad's ribs. Chad collapsed to the ground. He was then kicked in the face and remembered that his nose was broken.
    Then a tall, bony, black figure appeared in front of him. Then it stuck out its left hand and a blue needle went though him and he was healed. The monster said, “Run” and that is what Chad did. He ran right to the next door.
    Then the monster flung a barb from his sword flatly at bill. It hit him and bill fell unconscious.

    When he woke up he saw the monster sitting whit his head down.
    “We almost got him!” the monster said. “I’m sorry I tried to fight him of.”
    “Don’t worry we will have another chance soon.” Bill said. “We will be stronger. And I will torcher him to death if it’s the last thing I do!”

    When Chad stepped into the next door there were to doors in front of him. One said” Chad” and the other were “Bill.” Chad took the one with his name on it of course.
    Behind that door was a elevator. Chad stepped in.
    “Please choose your destination.” A deep voice said.
    “Home,” said Chad. Then the frame by frame shadow came toward him. Closer, closer, black, red, warm.

    Chad opened his eyes and saw that he was in his bed and it was mourning. He got up and went to him.
    “Your right,” said Chad. “It is real.”
    “What makes you say that?” Caleb said, knowing he was talking about the monster.
    “I had a dream, but it was more than a dream I felt every thing. And it was there and it was real. It was there and it was just like you described it.”
    “Okay, tell me about it.” Caleb said.
    Then Chad said down and told him the whole story. Chad wasn’t fearless. Chad now knew more than he had ever in his life.